The new iPad for “the Apple” or the Apple iPad 3 for the rest of the world has already gone on sale since yesterday, and the highly anticipated new Apple tablet has gone through lots of noticeable changes. We’ve already told you about what the new tablet has been blessed with in comparable to the previous version or the Apple iPad 2. But, beside of all those touting new features, such as Retina display with mind boggling resolution, more powerful Apple A5X SoC , “Outperforms the NVIDIA Tegra 3 chipset” and the new touting 5 mega pixel camera named as “iSight,” but still we’ve just compiled a set of such facts, which Apple hasn’t let you know officially yet.

1. RAM – just doubled, now with 1 GB

This is something, Apple always hesitate to let the real world now about how much virtual memory it has added into its tablet, but thanks to those first tear downs which successfully reveals that the new iPad, indeed has 1 GB of DRAM. previous version of the Apple iPad has 512 MB of memory, ensures fluid processing and improved gaming experience with the addition of Quad-core GPU.

2. Display – built by Samsung

Though, Apple and Samsung are ongoing through no of patent wars, but still they work closely and Samsung acts as a major component supplier for Apple’s products. The new Apple iPad’s display is also confirmed as a Samsung made 9.7-inch LCD Retina display. However, the previous iPad version comes with LG made displays with same 9.7-incher and bears 1024 x 768 pixels resolution.

3. Apple A5X chipset- Indeed, it’s more musclier than Tegra 3, “graphically.”

The new claimed chipset, is the same Apple A5 chipset with 1 GHz dual-core CPU while the “X” added here is for the new Quad-core GPU. Well to be more exact a PowerVR SGX543MP4 GPU and the SoC is built on Samsung’s 45 nm LP CMOS Process. Further, measurement also reveals that the new Apple iPad’s SoC is also around 36% larger in comparable to the previous System-On-chip.

While the controversy about the Quad-core GPU is pretty much cleared whether the new Apple chipset is graphically 4x times or not with the courtesy of an Australian Blogger who has put the new Apple iPad as well as NVIDIA Tegra 3 powered Asus Transformer Prime side-by side and the result shows that indeed, Apple iPad outperforms the NVIDIA’s so-called 4-Plus-1 chipset but not that “4x times.”

4. Battery – 70% (approx.) bigger in capacity over the previous iPad 2

Despite of the fact that the new Apple iPad 3 has double RAM, Quad-Core GPU and higher resolution display, they’ve preserved its battery life with the same Up to 10 hours of life while using Wi-Fi and Up to 9 hours while, using it on 3G network mode. But, the hidden fact is, the new iPad’s battery size is also bumped up to nearly 70% in capacity with 43 watt-hour or whooping (11,666 mAh) while, the previous one was with just 25 watt-hour (6930 mAh) Li-ion.

5. Camera – this is the same camera unit found in the previous Apple iPhone 4

Well, it’s not that much noticeable here but adding up an extra fact to something is always a plus. So, the Apple iPad 3’s much touted iSight camera is revealed as the same 5 Mp back illuminated CMOS image sensor found in just a generation behind, Apple’s iPhone 4.

We hope you loved all the hidden or even surprising facts about the new Apple iPad 3, say thanks to the sources added below and don’t forget to add your comments in the box below.

Source:  iFixit, Chipworks, TUAW 

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    thank you. that was most informative. nokia pureview 808 camera is obviously a massive improvement over the apple camera. when nokia produces a tablet it simply needs to be better than the apple tablet with the other functions.

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