Google announced the new version of its Android Operating System at its I/O developer event which happened recently and this new Android OS is Jelly Bean OS. So, this is another update in Android OS after Ice Cream Sandwich.

We would be taking a brief look into the features of Jelly Bean OS. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is an incremental update to ICS which is aimed to make Ice Cream Sandwich ‘Smoother, faster and more fluid’. Jelly Bean comes with many new features like new interface and built-in voice app (trying to beat Siri) which makes it a good competitor of iOS 6. There are more features and improvements in Jelly Bean OS. Let’s take a look into them.

Project Butter

Google Android Jelly bean is fast, slick and comes with new interface. In Jelly Bean OS, Google has implemented a new Project Butter which is a processing framework designed to make the touch responsiveness of Jelly Bean devices as smooth as butter. So, touch responsiveness has been improved in Jelly Bean OS and reduced latency.

Animation Effect in Google Android Jelly Bean OS

The user interface of Jelly Bean OS is apparently same as of Ice Cream Sandwich but few animation effects have been added which makes the interface shiny and attractive.   You can notice these brief animations when you quickly zoom in the app and these animations make the OS more pleasant to use.

Voice Search

This is another update in Jelly Bean OS as Google has introduced Voice Search in Jelly Bean OS and the best part of the ‘Voice Search’ feature is that you can even make an ‘Offline Search Typing’ to jelly Bean, placing the previously cloud accessed Google Speech Recognizer on the device. As of now, it only supports U.S. language, but more languages are going to be added later. Google has improved voice search, with faster response time and better accuracy.

Google Now  

This is another cool feature added to Jelly Bean OS, as Google Now  is an application which uses your phone GPS to automatically check and show your location and current weather, show other locations, traffic and publish transport information and updates the user. So, this is a splendid feature of jelly Bean OS.

Well, I shared the major updates we can find in the Jelly Bean OS and also there are other minor updates like a camera app by which you can swap a Gallery and Camera Roll without have to exit camera as we use to do in previous Android version.

So folks, what do you think about this Jelly Bean OS update?


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