Here is a great news for all Nokia N9 users, MeeGo running Nokia N9 finally received Android love in unofficial way. Nokia N9 runs Linux based MeeGo operating system which had great potential to become a successful smart phone operating system. But Nokia killed this dream when they announced that MeeGo phones will not be their flagship mobile operating system. Nokia N9 is going to face similar fate of Nokia N900 which was the last Maemo 5 mobile phone. But thankfully it is now possible to install Android on Nokia N9 and dual boot with MeeGo.

Developers at NITDroid forum has started working on ‘Project Mayhem’ to bring Android on Nokia N9. Previously they had successfully ported Android on Nokia N900. An initial alpha release of working Android Ice Cream Sandwich v.4.0.3 version for N9 is available now. As the project is in very initial stage, Android on Nokia N9 is buggy some features are not working at this time. Nokia N9 has 1 Ghz processor with 1GB RAM which has enough power to run Android ICS smoothly.

What’s working ?

After installing Android ICS on Nokia N9 most of the basic things like voice calling, multitouch screen, hardware buttons, sleep mode, audio, video playback , Bluetooth, USB connectivity, charging etc are working fine. Display rotation using accelerometer is not working at this time. You can find complete change log and installation guide in NITDroid forum. But still this is very impressive considering that it is alpha release of Android Ice Cream Sandwich for Nokia N9.

 Video Demo

Here is a video demo of Android on Nokia N9-

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