So, it arrives! The next iteration of the industry’s most hyped phone was officially unveiled last day, by Apple CEO, Tim Cook in San Francisco.  The new Apple Phone has now gone taller, faster, stronger and better. It now comes with a not so bigger, 4-inch display, that’s neither smaller nor bigger, it’s just perfect, to fit your palms. The iPhone 5 bears super lite casing made up of glass (front) and aluminum (back) which, makes itself weighing just 112 grams while, the thickness is now reduced to 7.6mm.

Apple iPhone 5

Sporting a bigger, 4-inch display that retains Apple’s Retina moniker with improved 1136 x 640p resolution over 326 ppi and maintains an aspect ratio of 16:9. Plus it’s touted to be enriched with  “in-cell” tech which, reduces an extra layer and makes the display more sharper. On top of all, a 5th row of icons is added providing extra space as well all as all of the core applications is now able to take advantage of those extra, 0.5-inch pixels.

Moving over the performance, it’s backed by an Apple A6 chipset, which is boasted to incorporate a 2x faster processor and graphics incomparable to the previous iPhone 4S’s A5X chipset. Now the connectivity part, the iPhone 5 is now LTE ready and allows lightning fast data downloads over the web with speeds of up to 100 Mbps (theoretically),  in addition it’s also compatible with HSPA+ & HSDPA networks.

With the launch of iPhone 5, Apple has also enhanced its iSight camera, with Sapphire crystal lens again boasted with toughness matching “second to diamond” and other several features including HDR, Hybrid IR filter, dynamic low light mode,  3D sweep panorama mode, advanced video stabilization and much more. While, the front facing camera is also upgraded to 1.2 MP resolution for making HD video calling/chatting over 3G or Wi-Fi, thanks to the new Facetime.

Apple iPhone 5 back

Lastly, the new thing in the iPhone 5 is smaller 8-pin connector, named as Lighting. Rest the battery and RAM size remains undisclosed officially, as Apple is always shy about exposing both of the properties of its mobile devices but, the RAM 1 GB on-board for sure. While, the battery size still remains a mystery. However, Apple claims the iPhone 5 handles up to 8 hours of talks, web browsing over 3G, 10 hours of video playback, 40 hours of music playback and lasts up to 225 hours under standby mode.

Coming to the conclusion, the new Apple iPhone is beautifully better in comparison to the previous iPhones yet but, it’s not something really innovative if we put it side-by-side with the new Nokia Lumia 920 or Samsung Galaxy SIII.

The iPhone 5 will be up for sale starting from September 21 in the US along with eight other counties followed by 100 counties by this  year’s end.

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  1. Dhruv Bhagat says:

    Apple iPhone 5 will break all the records that were earlier made by Samsung Galaxy S3.. 🙂

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