Apple iPad 3 vs iPad 2 has become one of the most popular topic just few days. Until today, we know everything except the name of the newly launched iPad from Apple. iPad fans were desperately waiting for the name of new device but in the whole event, Apple CEO ‘Tim Cook’ and his team was simply calling the new device as the “New iPad”.

In past few of days there were rumors flooding all over the web and strong focus was on the name as “iPad HD or the iPad3”.  Well but everything remained shadowed in the iPad launch happened at 7th March in the grand event held at San Francisco where they pronounced it as “New iPad”.

However the clouds are not clear yet and we have to wait until 16th March when the new air will bring the market name of “New iPad”. March 16th is the date which is being decided by the Apple to fill up the shelves of Apple store with the ‘New iPad’.

The coming next generation iPad will cost the same as of the iPad 2. You can get the variants from USD 499 to USD 829, depending upon the storage capacity and with Wifi capability.

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What’s new in the new iPad?

To answer this question briefly let’s has a look at the Apple iPad 3 vs iPad 2 comparison below.


Apple iPad 3 vs iPad 2 Comparison 

Features iPad 2 iPad 3 (2012)
Firmware OS iPad 2 is powered with iOS 4, upgradable to iOS 51 Whereas new iPad is powered with iOS 5.1
Dimensions It’s a 9.5×7.31×0.34 inch device weighing 1.34 pounds It’s a 9.5×7.31×0.37 inch tab with weight of 1.44 pounds
Display iPad 2 is equipped with 9.7-inch touch display which allows the  resolution of 1024×768 pixels iPad 3 on the other hand offers 9.7-inch with screen resolution of 2048×1536 pixel on Retina Display.
Camera Basic camera which is capable to record 720p HD video. It has auto focus and also has front VGA camera It has 5 MP camera and is capable of recording HD at 1080p along with front facing VGA camera.
Processor It is powered with 1 GHz dual core A5 processor with dual core GPU It has 1Ghz dual core A5X processor with quad core GPU.
Storage 16GB, 32, GB and 64GB memory variant 16GB, 32, GB and 64GB variant
Expansion slot No option No option
Connectivity Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) along with Bluetooth 2.1 Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) along with Bluetooth 4.0
Battery power Li-Po 25 Wh Li-Po 42.5 Wh
Cellular options 3G AT&T and Verizon models 4G LTE AT&T and Verizon models
Pricing detail After the price cut off, iPad 2 is available in USD 399 for 16GB with WiFi model and 3G model in  USD 529 with 16GB iPad 3 is being launched in the older price range of iPad 2. For Wifi model you have to pay: USD 499 for 16GB, USD 599 for 32GB, USD 699 for 64GB;
and for 4G LTE model the price range is USD 629 for 16GB, USD 729 for 32GB, and USD 829 for 64GB
Cloud Services Yes Yes
Siri No No


For Apple Fans who already hold the ownership of Apple iPad 2, the New iPad has nothing extra except the 5 MP camera, high resolution and few minor features. However for those who are planning to buy iPad for the first time, the New iPad is worth to pay for its elegance along with the high capabilities in the compact device.

Will you buy to the new iPad? or buy iPad 2 which is now available for much lesser price? 

Author BioThis is a Guest Post by Praveen Yadav, who writes about Mobile Prices at his tech blog Mobile Prices Bot.

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6 Responses to Apple iPad 3 Vs iPad 2 Comparison – What Has Changed?

  1. JBRUU says:

    Corrections –

    The A5X is a dual core processor, not single core

    Um…how about iCloud for “cloud services” (available for both devices)

    The iPad 3 does not have an LED flash. Sorry.

    Both iPads run on iOS 5.1.0 – it was a free update for most Apple devices (excluding the 2nd and 1st gen iPhones and iPods)

    Only the iPad 3 has Bluetooth 4.0

    Get your facts straight before you try to write an article!

  2. GianMarco Tavazzani says:

    Nobody seems to care too much about the fact that it’s thicker and heavier, just to compensate with a larger battery the fact that it’s twice hungry and warm!
    No, definitively not worth of an ‘upgrade’ and, honestly, I would consider the iPad2 a great deal now!
    Who cares about a still unusable ‘next generation 4G connection’?
    For sure in the future, say with the iPad 4! 😉

  3. Jagannath says:

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