The post will be sharing Top 5 Android Email Clients to access mails on your Android Phone. Checking our mails frequently is a common habit of most of the Android users. To access these mails, we need to use the default email client that comes with our Android or install any third party email client. In this post, I have researched and compiled the Top 5 best Android email clients along with the download links of the same as these apps can be downloaded from the Google PLAY Store.

Best Android Email Client Apps:

Gmail App for Android

Gmail client for Android

Gmail for Android is the official application to access Gmail on your Android Phone. You just login into your Gmail account and then you can access your Gmail account have full control over your Inbox, Sent mail, drafts, etc. The application allows you to obtain all normal features like read and respond to your mails, search any mails with ease. Also, you can manage multiple Gmail account using this application. In addition, you can view and save Email attachments.

Install Gmail App for Android

Yahoo! Mail for Android

Yahoo mail client

When talking about best Android Email clients, we can’t miss the users of Yahoo! Mail. Well, Yahoo! mail is a free Android application to access Yahoo accounts in a faster and easier way. So, login into your Yahoo account right from Yahoo Mail for Android and browser all your mails and folders in a quicker way. Few key features of this app are – Faster Speed and enhanced access to your Yahoo! Account, Preview photos in your Inbox, Access multiple Yahoo! Accounts, View attached file in the mail and many more features.

Install Yahoo! Mail for Android

Hotmail for Android

Hotmail client

Hotmail for Android is a free Email Client to manage Hotmail Account on Android. It’s just the best solution to stay updated with your Hotmail account on your Android Phone. The app is pretty similar to that of Gmail and Yahoo, as this application too allows you to login into multiple Hotmail accounts. The unique feature about Hotmail for Android is that all your Hotmail accounts configured in the app work together from where you can access messages all together from all the accounts configured. This is such a feature which lacks in other Email Clients.

Install Hotmail for Android

K-9 Mail

K9 Android client

K-9 Mail is yet another free Android Email Client which allows you to manage multiple Email addresses in a single Android app. K-9 Mail is an open source Email Client with many features like  IMAP push email, multi-folder sync, flagging, filing, signatures, and many more. The application comes with a user-friendly interface and looks pretty easy and simple as you can switch between multiple accounts with ease. The application supports major mail clients like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

Install K-9 Mail

ProfiMail Android Email Client


Profimail is a powerful Email Client for Android devices since it allows you to access and manage mails with ease on your Android Phone. It works really fine and it is meant to be the perfect application to access all your inbox mails, sent items and draft. Also, it supports many Webmail clients like  Yahoo, Gmail, HotMail, etc.

Install Profimail Android Email Client

So, I’m done with sharing Top 5 Android Email Clients. Do share which one is your favorite via comments!

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