Android operating system is powering millions of mobile phones, tablets and other devices. It has become one of the most popular mobile operating system within just a few years. Android is basically a secure operating system. However, there are still some ways to harm Android devices and steal sensitive data from it. Cybercriminals are targeting Android OS and creating new Android malwars and discovering new ways to attack the devices. So it is recommended to install some Android apps which can increase the security level.


Android Antivirus Applications:

Just like computer antivirus software you can install antivirus apps on Android devices to stay protected against all kinds of security threats and cyber attacks. There are many Android security apps available on Google Play Store. These security apps offer real-time protection and some extra features like firewall, data backup and restore, anti-theft protection and much more. Both free and paid apps are available. AV-Test which is known for their detailed security software analysis, regularly publish reports on latest Android security software. You can check the reports here.

It is recommended to use a security software on Android devices because we know nothing can be entirely secure. So It is a good idea to add some extra layer of security to your Android mobile phones and tablets. We have previously published an article on best Android antivirus apps, you can check that out to find the best one for you.

Secunia Personal  Security Inspector:  

Secunia Android PSI is an effective Android security software. It is not a typical antivirus software; it takes a different approach to protect Android devices from cyber criminals. Secunia PSI scans all 3rd party Android apps installed on the devices and identifies known vulnerabilities. Hackers can get access to sensitive data stored on your devices through these vulnerabilities. Secunia PSI maintains a huge database of 3rd party Android apps from Google Play Store as well as external sources so it can identify the programs which needs security update. Secunia PSI is completely free Android security app. You can download it from Google Play Store.

Secunia PSI

I have a lot of apps and games installed on my mobile. First time when I used Secunia PSI to scan the device it showed that one Adobe Flash Player needs a critical security update. After that I visited Adobe website and manually downloaded the latest version and installed it. Secunia PSI is really a useful security software. If you are concerned about your Android device’s security you should try this. You can use it along with any other Android antivirus. Secunia not only have mobile security software but also it has very capable computer security software. If you are a corporate user, you can use their vulnerability Scanning software tool on your windows network and PSI to protect endpoints


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