While the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Q10 finally in the market for quite some time and the mid-priced BlackBerry Q5 finally hitting the shores of various countries, we were out of clue as to what does the Canadian giant BlackBerry have in store for us for the future. BlackBerry’s CEO, Thorsten Heins, has back in March stated that ‘There’s one new product I’m really excited about, but I can’t really share it’ and guys the product which you see below is the one he seems to have been talking about and if the leak to be believed, is the BlackBerry A10 which is currently codenamed Aristo.


Information on the BlackBerry A10 leaked just a couple of days ago and the device is said to be a 5 inch phablet from BlackBerry which will might arrive with some kind of gaming capability which is also highly rumoured. Going by the specifications which we are hearing, the BlackBerry A10 will carry a 5 inch Super AMOLED screen with the display resolution staying at 1280 x 720 pixels, which is really a disappointment given that other 5 inch smartphone are already offering full-HD 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. Design wise, when compared the Z10, the corners seem to be more rounded at the top, but have a similar look at the base.


Apart from the display, the BlackBerry A10 will be powered by a dual-core processor with a separate graphic processor. The Smartphone which has leaked, is currently running on the BlackBerry OS. Though there is no image of the back of the BlackBerry A10 which was supplied, the device is expected to have a textured back, just like the BlackBerry Q10. While all of this sounds really exciting, considering that the BlackBerry A10 might just take the company into the league of smartphones, it will be the right timing of the launch and pricing which will determine the success of the device.

We do not have a prospective date as to when the A10 might launch but it might take at least a few months before we see something official coming from BlackBerry.

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