Now that the iOS 7 is out in beta and with every passing day we are nearing the launch of a new iPhone, leaks surrounding the next iPhone are increasing. This year, along with the next generation of iPhone, Apple is expected to launch a budget iPhone too which has been the latest talk of the town from the rumour mills. And the latest one is an image which comes straight from China wherein we can see the plastic shells of the budget iPhone.


As you can see in the image, the so-called budget iPhone‘s shell can be seen in multiple colours which include the Lime-green, Yellow and the Pinkish-Red. We can very well see the Apple logo on the top of the shell while the iPhone is engraved at the bottom of it. The colours are quite funky but we are not sure if buyers will be attracted to the multi-coloured iPhones and will Apple themselves be able to do a Nokia by offering the cheaper iPhone in multiple colours other than White and Black.


A few days back, a leak of the motherboard which was purported for the next-generation of iPhone basically fits perfectly to the leaked budget iPhone‘s case as the holes on the smartphone’s case and the board match as you can see in the image below. We should not forget that Apple released the iPod Touch range in multiple colours back in September and thus it will be no surprise if a cheaper iPhone targeted at countries where buying a $599 iPhone is still a luxury makes way to the market.

As days pass by we will have almost every detail on the upcoming iPhones and also it was recently reported that the budget iPhone might be priced at around $300 which will make it affordable and let it compete with the budget Android smartphone and a few Nokia Lumia. You thoughts on the budget iPhone?



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