Touch screen based tablet computers were never popular among the normal consumers. Those were slow, unresponsive and lacked touch screen optimized OS. In the year 2010, Apple entered the tablet PC market and revolutionized it. With the time tablets started getting smaller, lighter and faster. Now it has become is a desirable gadget after mobile phone. We are feeling the need of an extra gadget called “tablet” in our daily life.

The market is flooded with Apple iPad and Android tablets. But which tablet is suitable for you? How to choose the best tablet? Let’s find out.

Tablet buying guide

1. Identify your requirements:

Money matters! Money is always a limiting factor. Don’t just blindly spend money on tablets .You might not need those fancy gimmicky features which are being advertised. So don’t get fooled by the advertisements and use your common sense. Before buying any new tablet, first find out your main requirements. If you just want to watch some videos and browse the web, then you might not need that expensive tablet with blazing fast processor. Do you love playing games? Then, select a tablet which has powerful CPU and GPU. Those who read a lot of e-books should buy a tablet with a high-resolution screen.

2. Display:


The display is one of the most important parts of any touch screen device. A bad display can ruin the experience. Tablets are mainly used as media consumption devices. We love to watch videos, play games and surf internet on tablets. Display size is another important factor to consider. 7 inch tablets are more portable and easy to hold. 10 inch tablets offer more screen estate compromising the size and weight.

The display resolution should be good enough so that it doesn’t look pixelated. I’ll recommend not to buy any 7 inch tablet under 1280×800 resolution. Stay away from cheap 7 inch tablets with 800×480 or 1024×800 resolution. If you have good budget then, consider Apple iPad with Retina display and Google Nexus 10. Among the affordable tablets, recently released Google Nexus 7 2013 has Full HD screen.

 3. Processor and RAM:

Just like computers, the processor is the main part of a tablet. You should be very careful when selecting your tablet. A poor chipset can spoil the fun of using a tablet. Keep in mind that more core doesn’t always mean better performance. A newer generation dual-core processor can easily outperform an older generation quad-core processor. If possible always try to select the newer generation chipsets. Latest ARM Cortex-A15 based chipsets is much faster than older generation ARM Cortex-A9 based chipsets.

Apple iPad has only 512 MB RAM but it runs buttery smooth due to the software optimization. Android needs more RAM offer faster performance. 1 GB RAM can be sufficient for affordable Android tablets. 2 GB RAM is very common among high-end Android tablets.

4. Camera:

While buying tablet you should not be considering the camera. It is really awkward to take photographs using a tablet. And if you do so, then you are definitely going to grab some eyeballs in public places. Most of the tablets have poor quality cameras thanks to cheap optics and absence LED flash. You should better give more importance to the front camera which is useful for video calling.

5. Operating System:

iPad vs Android Tablet

Android or iOS? Well, this is a never-ending fight. A few years ago Android didn’t have tablet optimized apps while iOS had great tablet apps. But the scenario is changing now. There are thousands of high quality tablet apps available for Android as well. So you can choose whichever you want, you will not be wrong.

7. Memory capacity:

Internal memory of tablets ranges between 8GB to 128GB. Some tablets offer memory expansion through a microSD card. Apple iPad and Google Nexus tablets don’t feature micoSD card slot. So carefully select the memory capacity. Most of the Android tablets support USB OTG facility so you can easily connect a USB flash drive to extend memory capacity.

6. Battery life:

Tablets usually have good battery life, thanks to the bigger batteries. Before buying any tablet go through the manufacturer website and check rated usable time. Most of the tablets will last 2-3 days on a single charge with moderate use.

That’s all!  Now you are ready to purchase your dream tablet. Go to the market or check out online stores like Richer Sounds to find out which tablets full-fills your requirements and fits your budget.


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