Cloud computing is the future. It will solve many problems which organizations face every day. Lack of unified communication is one of the biggest problems of business organizations. The members of the organization don’t have access to data all the time and they cannot communicate with others easily. CWD is offering a new Cloud based communication service called CDW Cloud Collaboration. It consists of various tools which will help to communicate and collaborate. If you don’t have much knowledge about Cloud based collaboration service, watch this video to learn more about it-

CDW Cloud Collaboration has many useful tools like Video Conferencing, VoIP, Instant Messaging, File sharing, blogs etc. Staffs can use these tools to get in touch with each other and access shared data from anywhere, anytime. CDW is not new in this field, they have successfully completed over 4,000 Cisco Unified deployments in last 10 years. CDW Cloud Collaboration is very secure and flexible. You can have access to industry leading technology like Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solutions. There will be over 50 Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts on staff CDW, they will help you to make the transition to cloud based solutions effortless and easier.

CDW Cloud Collaboration

Information stored in the CDW data center is totally safe, thanks to the advanced technology and security service. CDW data center has world’s 8th largest facility. The data center is located on 485,000 square foot area and it is powered by its own 8.2 megawatt power plant. CDW data center supports world class virtualization, storage and optimization services. The components are totally redundant and offers maximum uptime. The data center is protected by security staffs who provides maximum protection 27×7. Officers are also present there all the time so that there will be no problem. If you want to learn more about CDW Cloud Collaboration services, check out the CDW’s Solutions blog for more information about it.

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