Clockodo is one of the best online time tracking solution which allows small business, individuals, etc to track upon the time spent on given projects. This system is has capability to record time spent by workers or employees on particular activity which allows companies to track and finalize the exact billable timings. One can even track working times ordered by customers, clients, etc providing simple and easy to follow reports.

One of the main and best features from Clockodo is its online time tracking service featuring one-stop access dashboard. For it easily allows users or freelancers to keep track of time spent on certain projects. Previously, this type of service was only available for desktop but now, one can easily keep track on activities’ time period using their own Android or iPhone Mobiles. Users can keep pace with time entries, tracking, current work as well as billable timings.

Clockodo is finally available for Android and iPhone OS which allows users to manage and track employees time activity remotely form Smartphone. And the best part of this solution is, one don’t have to follow any harassment of hardware or software installations.

Clockodo for Smartphone:

This online time tracking solution does provide better enhancement to users for making their service better. They have provided applications for Smartphone (Android & iPhone) to record timings of remote workers from anywhere. These extra facilities are available for free of charge.

Android :

Clockodo Android App gives users the extra capability to manage all the functions and features of time tracking from their Android Smartphone, accessing from remote place. Using this application does give you all specification as you get in desktop version of this solution. For using this add-on onto your Android mobile, you have to follow simple steps i.e. downloading and setting up Clockodo APK onto your device.

  • For a start, you have to download and install this app from here
  • After successful installation, allow internet connectivity
  • Submit required Login details to access your previous tracking data
  • Now, manage and create new clockwork following your requirements.


Just like Android application, one can access same service onto iPhone Smartphone. You can easily manage and access all your tracking logs and data from iOS, without applying any extra efforts. This type of mobile apps is very useful for freelancers as they can easily cover up activity timings from faraway places.

  • Download and allow installation of iPhone Clockodo App
  • Then allow app to connect with working internet
  • Apply user information i.e. Login details for successful access


Using Clockodo App from Smartphone has its own benefits; it provides better flexibility and usability to users. Users can access and manage time tracking system on particular project by accessing from remote place. As an business owner, you can keep eagle-eye watch on your workers’ activities clock. You can even manage the administration rights which include import-export and backup features.

  • Time Recording
  • Analyses
  • Exact Tracking
  • Billable data

Hence, if you do worry for activities strength in your absence, then Clockodo for Android or iPhone is the best option to apply. It gives real and sensible time tracking information as desktop client provides.

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    Hi, thank you for this post i like this app and the best features from Clockodo is its online time tracking service featuring one-stop access dashboard. very useful app thank you for this information

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