The Amazing Spider-Man’, movie starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone has been released all over the world this weekend. Before hand only, this movie has created a lot of buzz all around the world. I’m pretty sure that you have been keenly waiting for the launch of this movie and would also be quite enthusiastic to grab pre-booked tickets as ‘The Amazing Spider’ is going to be summer’s most highly anticipated movie. Now you can get the Spiderman action on your Android phone, iPhone and iPad as The Amazing Spiderman Game for Android and iOS is now available.

Yeah! It’s time for the Web slingers to rejoice.  Since Gameloft, the Global gaming company has released The Amazing Spider Man Game which completely based on the movie and it’s released for iOS and Android devices. So, enjoy playing the game based on movie storyline and face off against the Lizard and rampaging gangs.

The game is completely based on the movie and you can play The Amazing Spider-Man Game through more than 25 immersive missions inspired by the Amazing Spider Man movie storyline.  Enjoy this game by climbing, jumping and web sling from building to building and experience such an action thrill which you never would have experienced before.

Key features of the Game:

  • Fight the Lizard and his gang and stop his dark schemes.
  • Play over 25 immersive missions inspired by the Amazing Spider Man movie storyline.
  • Climb, Jump and do everything to get an awesome thrill and action.
  • Fully  3D remarkable Graphics
  • Advanced shades and visual effects to make the game much realistic.

You can download the ‘Amazing Spiderman Game’ for $6.99 for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. You need to have 2GB free space in your mobile phone and tablet to install the Spiderman game.

Download The Amazing Spiderman Game  for iPhone & iPad

Download The Amazing Spiderman Game  for Android


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