On Monday 8th July we are expecting to see iOS 7 Beta 3 released to developers. For those that haven’t yet downloaded the iOS Beta these are the 3 ways we recommend:

1. OTA
2. iTunes Update
3. iPSW download method.

Beta releases of iOS can only be installed on the device using the 3rd method of iPSW download . developers can however add their device UDID registration number to update via iTunes .

 install iOS 7 on iPhone

iTunes and iPSW Download Method

1. Connect your iOS 7 supported device to your PC or Mac
2. Open iTunes
3. If you get a message appear telling you there is a new firmware, click on Download and Update

update iPhone to iOS 7 beta

4. If the automatic update screen does not appear , tap on SHIFT key on your keyboard and click on the Update button on iTunes . You can then instruct iTunes to install and update to the new iOS 7 beta firmware file that you must download following the process explained in Step 5

Download iOS 7 beta

5. You can also download the iOS 7 Beta directly through Apple’s developer center. Click on one of the link above that corresponds to your device. It will take you to the developer center where you will be asked to sign in with your Apple ID before you can download. Another way to download is by visiting DownloadiOS7 site .

Latest iOS 7 Development :

Chronic Development tweet

Recently the Chronic Dev. told us that they were making some changes to their blog and that they would also have an exciting announcement to make very soon as well. The only thing we can think of is the next iOS 7 untethered jailbreak. So, are they working on one ?

They say they have found some of the exploits they need to build an iOS 7 untethered jailbreak utility.  In actual fact, it was ex team member P0sixninja who found them.  Chronic Dev. were the developers of GreenPoison and Absinthe, 2 extremely popular jailbreaks in their day. So, we know they are capable of building one. It’s just a question of whether they are or not.

Several tweets have been spotted from P0sixninja, confirming that he has the exploits and that iOS 7 would be his alone.  We also know that he is talking of releasing an iOS 7 bootrom jailbreak as well.

At the moment, iOS 7 Beta 2 is with the carriers and developers and Beta 3 is strongly expected to be here on July 8th.  The Chronic Dev. team sent out a tweet that the untethered jailbreak would be ready at the end of March. That’s a long way off, especially as most are expecting it in around October time.

There are a lot of issues arising from the testing of the betas and a lot of work is required for the firmware to be ready for the expected release of September. In the meantime we will keep you informed of any breaking news.


Author Bio: This is a guest post by Sourish Nath who blogs at JailbreakModo.com about the latest Apple and Android related news .

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