The new Nexus 7 tablet was unveiled to the world yesterday. The tablet has a brilliant Full HD screen, powerful processor and more portable. The new Nexus 7 is coming preinstalled with latest and greatest Android 4.3 Jelly Bean operating system. While the new Android version may have any noticeable new features to the end users, it has some under the hood improvements. The battery and graphics performance of new Nexus 7 improved significantly compared to its predecessor.


Just like earlier Android versions, the Android 4.3 comes with a new set of wallpapers which you probably have noticed in the press shots of new Nexus 7. These official Nexus 7 wallpapers look great on the Full HD screen of the tablet. The guys at AndroidPolice have managed to extract all the new official Nexus 7 wallpaper. You can download these cool Android 4.3 wallpapers and apply to your mobile phone and tablets.

New Nexus 7 wallpaper

There are total 36 official Nexus 7 wallpaper available for download. You can download all the wallpapers in a single zip format. Hit the link below.

Download new Nexus 7 wallpaper

Download new Nexus 7 wallpaper [38 MB]


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