There are many image syncing app for Android that can store your photo and files over cloud storage. First we saw an image syncing feature in the Google Plus app for Android. And now, Facebook has launched their photo sync features for Android and iOS. Facebook has tested this feature since a year and now they have released the final version. This feature will enable you to sync all your mobile photo to a private album and then you can choose which photos will you like to share with public.

Facebook Photo Sync

To get this feature you just need to update your Facebook app to the latest version. You will be getting a notification about the Facebook sync feature when you open the app. If you turn on the feature then you will be getting a 2GB space online for storing photos on Facebook. To use photo sync features on iPhone and iPad, you must update to latest iOS 6.

The Facebook app will run in the background and will upload photos as you click them. This will consume your phone battery and data uses. So it’s better to customize as per your requirement. There are few settings provided by the new Facebook app. Smaller sizes of photo are uploaded using 3G, you can also disable syncing through 3G data and limit it to Wi-Fi only. If you have low battery available or do not want to sync photos anymore you can switch off the sync feature. If you are not a photo sharer or just share 3-4 photos a week then it’s better to keep the sync off.

You can get more details about setting and sync options here.


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