The skeleton is a mob-shooter. He is armed with a bow, which makes him quite a serious opponent.
Skeletons don’t try to come close, they choose a distance of 5-10 blocks and shoot the player with arrows with a frequency of 1 shot every 2-4 seconds. Skeletons will come closer if the player is far away. Skeletons can complicate the struggle with other enemies attacking in close combat, so you should keep them in sight (the best option is if other enemies are between the player and the skeleton). If the skeleton gets into another hostile mob, the mob will attack the skeleton. This can be used to temporarily remove the skeleton and the mob, which can greatly simplify the battle. Just like zombies, skeletons burn at the sunrise, if they are hit by light from the sun, but can survive in the shade or in the water or if they are wearing a helmet. Also, you should remember that the arrows of skeletons can push you away. This is a very important factor when planning an attack in the mountains and canyons. will help you to find a skin to get into the atmosphere of skeletons.

The skeleton has a reinforced version: Stray. He lives in winter biomes and shoots arrows for 30 seconds of deceleration, which makes it a little more difficult to fight him and other mobs nearby.
Approaching the skeleton in a straight line is possible only with a lot of effort. To reduce the damage from arrows, jog and move on it with a tapering funnel or avoid jumping left-to-left jumps. When you approach a short distance, and the skeleton starts to go around on the left, move to the right and approach, after that jump. When the distance is reduced to 1-2 blocks – hit.
Fighting the skeleton in the water is much more difficult than on land, because it doesn’t need to approach for an attack, and you will swim to it extremely slowly, constantly bouncing back from the arrows. Moreover, when you strike with the sword of the skeleton, you will be thrown back, which again will increase the distance between you. The best option would be to give the skeleton to notice you and then to lure it to the land, where you can chop it. If you have a fishing rod with you, the task is greatly simplified – you can quickly drag the skeleton to the shore and kill it.
Also, the attack on the skeleton standing on the shore from the side of the water is completely unpromising. You need to cross the water barrier in the distance and approach the target along the shore. Trees and terrain unevenness will help you to get closer to the impact.
In a skeleton dungeon, it’s best to attack from around the corner, when it comes close or gets stuck in a narrow place. It’s harder to attack him from the ledge since he can shoot up, but it’s still better than fighting face to face.

The duel of two shooters resembles the scenes from the militants, when two shoot each other, moving around the central point. It’s the same here – at a medium distance, the skeleton will try to get around the player to the left, you will run back to the right, jump and shoot or move away and avoid shots from left to right. You can try to shoot a skeleton from a long distance, but for this you will have to estimate the trajectory of the flight of the arrow.
If a lot of monsters approach you, then make the skeletons aim at you, and hit the mobs (run back so that the enemies are between the character and the skeleton). This will simplify the fight a little, so you can get a record if the skeleton strikes a deadly blow to the creeper.
Use the shield and block the attack of the skeleton. He will shoot, and the arrows will bounce off of you. So you can even damage the skeleton with its arrows (if you’re standing close to it). If space is open, then the skeleton will try to enter your back, so that the shield ceases to be a hindrance.
In a field or in a direct corridor, put a column of two blocks and hide behind it. The skeleton will first approach the pillar closely, and only then it will start to circle it – this is your chance to get it by the sword.


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