Do you own Samsung Galaxy Y? Then you must be familiar with Samsung Galaxy Y battery life problem. The entry level Android smart phone has 1200 mAh battery which should be enough for full day moderate usage. But if you are love to surf internet and play games on it then you might be charging this mobile twice a day. In my earlier article I’ve shared some tips to increase HTC One X battery life. Today I’m going to give you some useful battery saving tips for Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360. If you want to get max out of your mobile then follow these Samsung Galaxy Y battery life saver tips.

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Samsung Galaxy Y battery life issues

How to improve Samsung Galaxy Y battery life:

1. Lower down the screen brightness

Samsung Galaxy Y has 3 inch LCD screen of QVGA resolution. To increase battery life of Galaxy Y you should lower the screen brightness level and set display light time out limit to 15 sec. This will help you to solve some Samsung Galaxy Y battery issues .

2. Disable 3G when not using

Samsung Galaxy Y supports fast 7.2 Mbps 3G connection. It is advisable to disable auto sync and disconnect 3G data connection after using it. You can use some apps to disconnect 3G data connection from home screen. I’ll recommend to use Data Enabler Widget to enable and disable data connection from your home screen. Switching to 2G network will help to save some battery life as 2G network is less battery hungry compared to 3G network. Try to use Wi-Fi connection when it’s available, Wi-Fi connection takes less battery than 3G connection.

3. Disable Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 

Just like 3G data connections use of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS are one of the reasons of low battery life. Always disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS just after using these. Some time by mistake we keep these on and due to this battery drains fast. So from now keep an eye on your notification bar and check whether these are turned on or off. This will solve some Samsung Galaxy Y battery problem.

4. Disable live wallpaper and widgets 

Live wallpaper looks cool but it will kill Galaxy Y battery fast. So disable live wallpaper and select any static wallpaper to save Samsung Galaxy Y battery life. Save can be said for widgets, don’t fill up home screen with unneeded widgets. Keep those widgets which will be useful to you. This will help you to get some more battery life.

5. Use battery saving apps

You can improve Samsung Galaxy Y battery life by using some battery saving apps. In Google Play you will get many of these kind of apps. I’ll recommend to use JuiceDefender to save battery.

If you follow the above battery saving tips carefully then I’m sure you will be able to increase Samsung Galaxy Y battery life. Do you know any other useful battery saving tips? please share with us. 

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6 Responses to Tips: How To Improve Samsung Galaxy Y Battery life?

  1. Battery saving apps are totally useless and despite of doing all this the battery life never get improved 🙁 I have tried all this steps but no use and the battery life is the biggest issue in every smartphone.

    • Plaban says:

      Yes, problem will be not be solved until mobile companies release mobiles with huge capacity. For example Motorola Droid Razr which has 3300 mAh battery.

  2. david says:

    So, basically disable everything that comes with a smart phone…what´s the point of buying one then? I´m going back to my old motorola. galaxy Y is a piece of junk.

  3. Christina says:

    HI all I wouldn’t say disable everything that comes with a smartphone as per Davids post – But turn them off when your not using them i think is the Point! At the end of the day you don’t leave your light on 24/7, you generally turn them off when you leave the room or house – Its the same with your mobile phone/other devices – turn off any features your not using and them turn them on again when you need them!

    I know i did most of these before reading this article and i am definitely getting more out of my smart phone battery life.

  4. John Draco says:

    I’m using battery doctor. My galaxy y battery life is 26 hours on moderate usage. And about four days standby time.

  5. hussain says:

    I’m using battery doctor and followed all steps bt use of that same problem faced i went service centre they said they do battery back up even that same problem

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