The mobile app industry is one of the fastest growing fields. With the advancement of mobile phones, especially the smartphones, there are huge opportunities for app and game developers. Currently there are millions of apps and games available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. But not all apps are becoming popular. There are many good app which gets lost in millions of other apps. The competition is very hard, if you are not careful with your app, it might get unnoticed by most of the users. If you are promoting your business through mobile apps then this can be very crucial thing because revenue from app depends on number of downloads. So it is very important to increase app downloads. But how to do this?

App store optimization

ASO is the short form of App Store Optimization. It can be compared with Search Engine Optimization or SEO which is popular among the webmasters to increase website visibility in the search engines. Just like SEO, you need to optimize your app or game for the app stores else your app might get unnoticed by users, no matter how good your app is. Gummicube is an App Store Optimization service provider. They review apps and make suitable changes to increase the visibility in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

App icon review

You might be curious how this ASO works. Actually, there are several factors which affect app store rankings; like the right selection of keywords, eye-catching logo, user reviews etc. Gummicube analyzes mobile app and optimized all fields so that your app store ranking becomes better. ASO includes mainly two optimization techniques: Keyword optimization and Creative Optimization. Keyword Optimization deals with right choice of keywords in app name and description. This is most important part because users search for new apps and games using keywords. In Creative Optimization they will help you to select the most attractive logo and screenshots for your app. Gummicube will A/B test your logo and screenshot and help you to select the most effective icon and logo for your app. Gummicube also offers constructive app review and feedbacks to improve your app. If you are an app developer I’ll recommended you to try Gummicube service.


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