HTC One X is a beautiful device with its polycarbonate unibody design and quad core Tegra 3 processor makes it one of the most powerful Android mobile. It has great 4.7 inch Super IPS LCD 2 HD display and impressive camera. But HTC One X battery life is not that impressive, though it  has 1800 mAh battery. Tegra 3 has a 5th low power compensation core to improve battery life but users are reporting that battery is draining fast and they have to charge this mobile more than once in a day. The polycarbonate unibody design of this mobile makes it impossible to remove battery. So you have to find some other ways to fix HTC One X battery life issues. There are some workarounds to increase battery life of HTC One X. If you follow these tips then you can increase HTC One X battery life.

HTC One X Battery life

Tips To Increase HTC One X battery life :

1. Apply XDA Fix

Developers at XDA forum have found a reason of HTC One X poor battery life. A file called NvCPLSvc.apk was placed in wrong system folder by mistake. Due to this error Tegra 3 Power management system was broken. To fix this problem follow this guide in XDA forum and you will get around 20% more battery life from your mobile.

2. Kill Background Applications:

Android allows to run multiple applications simultaneously and we can easily switch between them. But multitasking is not so good for battery life and keeping apps running in background eats lots of battery life. So it’s advisable to stop those apps using task manager apps like Advanced Killer App. This habit will surely help to improve HTC One X battery life.

3. Lower Display Background Light:

HTC One X has huge 4.7 inch Super IPS LCD 2 display which looks great but it is a reason of HTC One X poor battery life. By default, this mobile has one minute of timing for turning off background light. This is generally more than enough and one must keep in mind that background light plays important role in exhausting mobile’s battery. So it’s recommended to reduce its timer to 15 or 30 seconds which will definitely help you to save battery life. Users can even lower or dim the brightness of light reducing the level down to 50% than normal.

4. Connectivity:

It’s evidently proved that using more internet and other connectivity features results in more power loss. Connectivity like 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc needs more energy. And it’s recommended to minimize the use of such applications which requires Internet connectivity. Always disconnect data connection when you are not using and try to use Wi-Fi connection more than 3G internet which will save some battery life.

5. Use 2G Network when Possible:

Generally, use of 3G network is one of the cause of increased exhausting ratio of battery. Super fast HSPA network which deals with higher packet data emitting more heat, while GSM is the one which has lower packet data transferring eating up less energy. So you should switch to 2G network mode, when higher packet data network is really not required.

6. Use Adapter and not USB charger:

This is official and proved tip which results and makes lots of difference while managing battery. It’s always recommended to use power adapter enabled with direct connection for charging your mobile. Generally, users attach mobile to the PC via USB connection for charging battery. But, by using this method, one can’t completely charge mobile as its process is very slow. When you charge battery with USB connection, you will notice its draining level is very fast compared to normal.

If you follow the above mention tips to improve HTC One X battery life then you will be able to get max out of your battery life.

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  1. hotzigetty says:

    Turns out the First one isn’t true. It isn’t a Battery Management App (in fact it might make it worse). It’s supposedly an app for Tegra 3 Games.. (@PaulOBrien: That misplaced APK on the One X? No positive effect on battery life by moving it into /system/app i’m afraid folks, it’s superfluous. #freq)

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