The HTC One which was launched earlier this year created quite a stir in the smartphone industry and went on to recieve quite rave reviews from the blogger community and the users. And inspired by it, the Taiwanese giant HTC went on to bet on the design of the HTC One and introduced the HTC One Mini with a smaller screen, scalled down price and specs while keeping the design of the One in sync. And now, the company is all set to launch an over-sized phablet called the HTC One Max which will carry a 5.9 inch display diagonally.


The HTC One Max has continued to leak in the past and today is no new. In the most recent of all the rumours, the HTC One Max is expected to include a fingerprint scanner on the back, while the same is expected to arrive on Apple’s iPhone 5S too. And new images popping out of China have just reaffirm that the fingerprint scanner is not just a rumour and the feature is indeed on the way on the HTC One Max.



What we can see in the leaked images is a cut out just beneath the camera of the HTC One Max where the fingerprint scanner will be placed as you can see in the image above. And in the picture below, we can also find the option of enable and disable the fingerprint scanner from the drop down menu. The said images of the HTC One Max are said to be that of the final production unit which means that the scanner is indeed on its way though there is no way to confirm this until HTC takes the center stage and makes things official just ahead of the IFA. We really hope that the One Max kills it with the high-end specs included on the device.



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