Now that Apple has announced and unveiled as to how the iOS 7 will look like when it arrives in the coming few months, it is time for some leaks related to the next iPhone which is supposed to be called the Apple iPhone 5S. While various components of the rumoured device have already started to leak, today a new leak coming in from MacRumours shows us that the iPhone 5S will carry a dual-LED Flash on the back instead of the single LED which can be found on the smartphone.

iPhone 5S-Camera-Leak-1

The overall design of the iPhone 5S is expected to remain the same as that of the iPhone 5 and this can also be seen in the image above but all the changes which the smartphone will carry will be found on the inside of the smartphone. The dual-LED Flash will help users to capture better low-light images which has been the need of the hour as competitors like Nokia have almost excelled in this field. But apart from the Flash, the iPhone 5S will appartently pack a little larger battery of about 5.92 watt-hour in contrast to the 5.45 watt-hour one found on the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5S-Interior-Leak-1

The logic board which we can see in the image is also the same which leaked recently thus confirming that the phone’s internals will indeed arrive with a overhaul. Other than there is no information on the processor which will power the iPhone 5S but as we near the launch which will not be until the Q3 ro near the holiday season, we will surely have zillions of more leaks to keep us entertained and we will amke sure to bring you all the leaks and rumours as the rumour mills roll them out.

Apart from the larger battery and the dual-LED Flash, rest of the specifications of the Apple iPhone 5S like the 5 inch display, 8 iSight camera and more are to remain the same as that on the iPhone 5.


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