We do know that there is not much of announcements, news and leaks over the weekend and this could turn out to be boring for people like you as you miss the much needed dose of everything from the world of gadgets and so to keep us entertained, a new image of the purported Apple iPhone 5S has made its way onto the web with the same dual-LED flash on the back which we just saw a couple of days back. As we can see, there will be a lozenge shaped cut out on the back of the iPhone 5S to accommodate the bulbs of the dual-LED Flash.

iPhone 5S Flash Leak

This leak thus confirms that Apple might finally be turning its attention towards the camera department and taking its competition much seriously, like the Nokia Lumia 92X series which has some seriously awesome low light performance and the fruit company might just launch the iPhone 5S with dual-LED Flash and an improved 13 megapixel camera to let users capture the low-light images better.

A source also says that one of the lights in the dual flash will feature a blue tint which will go on to keep the white balance lined up. Apart from the dual-LED Flash, the iPhone 5S is expected to arrive with a new hardware placement internally with a larger battery, new processor and the much rumoured finger print scanner apart from minor improvements in the thickness of the device. The display will remain at 4 inches which was introduced with the iPhone 5 and of course, it will run on iOS 7.

We expect the next few weeks to be interesting but do not expect to see the device getting launched before late Q3 or early Q4. But leaks like this might not let anything left for Apple to reveal at the launch event as by then we might just be waiting for the official announcement and nothing else.

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