Another day and we have another round of rumours around the upcoming Apple devices along with a leaked image of the budget iPhone or the iPhone Lite which is expected to launch along with the iPhone 5S and a bunch of new iPads some time in September this year. What you are seeing below is the image of the iPhone Lite which has been spotted in what looks a retail shop somewhere in China.


As we can see in the image, the iPhone Lite is expected to arrive in a plastic casing and goes on to match all the previous leaks related to the smartphone and as we can notice, the phone in question seems to be partially assembled with the 3.5mm audio jack, the Lightning port next to it at the bottom while the camera with LED Flash can be noticed on the back of the device. We can also see Apple’s standard branding as it appears on all the devices from the company. Also, the authencity of the leak cannot be trusted upon as it might just be a casing made by a third party to get an overview as to how the iPhone Lite could look on arrival.

In another report, news coming in from a German website suggests that the new iPhones – the iPhone 5S and the iPhone Lite might be announced on September 6th alongside the next-generation of the iPad. Though there is no way to confirm this, it goes on to match the timeline which Apple opts every year to refresh its smartphone and the iPad. It was being said that the iPhone 5S might have been delayed thanks to the issues that the Apple was facing with the long-rumoured fingerprint scanner that it plans to include on the device while the iPhone Lite is targeted at emerging markets where people are not able to buy the high-cost iPhones.


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