Been long time since we heard about something from Apple’s side on the upcoming devices from the Cupertino based company but not for too long. Today we have got some very interesting news coming in from the rumour mills and we hear that the fruit company is seriously thinking and examining larger iPhones with a display of about 4.7 inch and 5.7 inch. Well, going by the screen sizes that the Android phablets have reached, for example the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 packs a huge 6.3 inch display, the sizes which Apple is said to be working on are just normal now.


But this could be a BIG deal for the company as until now the maximum size that the iPhone has reached is 4 inch. But it is to be noted that this might be just another rumour but if this is even a reality, there is no confirmation if the larger devices will see the day light. The source which Reuters quotes also adds, “They constantly change product specifications almost to the final moment, so you’re not really sure whether this is the final prototype.”

Another iPhone related news that we are hearing is that Apple the affordable iPhone which has been the centre of gossip for all the rumour mills is indeed being actively worked upon and will be made up of different material and also be available in a range of colours. But the thing which is taking a lot of time is the ‘mixing of the colours’ as Apple wants everything to be just perfect and futuristic. Also the price tag which is being talked about is expected to stay at about $99 but we highly doubt that.

According to the source, the iPhone 5S with fingerprint reading technology and the entry level iPhone soon go under trial runs, the production ramping up in August and the annoucement coming in September. The next few months are indeed going to be interesting as we are bound to see a number of leaks and much more rumours spinning out, so grab on to some popcorn and stay tuned.


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