Some one might have rightly said that it’s easier to earn money than saving. Managing expenses is not an easy job. Most of the time we struggle to save money as we don’t make any plans. There is a new Android app called iSpendSmart which will make this task easier. It’s a money and shopping management mobile app. This app is not available on Google Play Store yet, you can download the .apk file from their official site by proving your name and email address. We hope in future it will be available in Play Store so that more users can take advantage of this free money management mobile app. You need to create an account first or sign in using your Facebook account to use this app.


So what we can do with iSpendSmart? As the name suggests, it will make us smarter in money management. There are two aspects of this app, shopping management and money management. iSpendSmart will help you to create shopping lists and make budgets which you want to follow during the shopping. You can also share your shopping list with friends. You can keep a track of all spending transactions. You will know where and how money is going.

iSpendSmart screenshot

This app also lets you track and allocate budgets, helps to stay out of debts. You can join the helpful money saving community for the expert tips. iSpendSmart is a useful and free shopping and money management Android app. If you are struggling to save money then check out this app. You might find it helpful. If you have already used this app thin do share your experience with us.


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