From the past few months, there have been numerous rumours that Cupertino based tech giant Apple might be planning on launching a cheaper iPhone to target the prospective buyers in the emerging markets where people cannot affordable the iPhones and also, the concept of devices being sold on contract is not much effective. And today an alleged image of what is said to be the rear casing of the low cost iPhone. What we can notice in the image is a white, plastic rear casing which seems to be a fusion between the iPod Classic and the iPhone 3G or the IPhone 3GS’s rear housing.


The image has been released by a case manufacturer, Tactus and the source also suggests that the low cost iPhone will be made available in 5 colours which will include the Black, White, Red, Yellow and Blue which indicates that Apple is finally going Nokia’s way by offering its device in a variety of colour options. Now this should come as a welcome move for loads of prospective buyers who wish to own an iPhone in a colourful case.

Going by the specifications the low cost iPhone is expected to pack in a 3.5 inch Retina Display while the device is expected to be powered by the A5 processor. A 5 megapixel camera on the rear of the device should be made available while the device is expected to be 0.4-0.6mm thicker than the current iPhone 5.

While the authenticity of this leak cannot be verified it is indeed interesting to see how things around the low-cost iPhone will turn out to be in the next few months. The source also claims that this particular iPhone will be revealed on October 30th, but we highly doubt it. Also, the next iPhone, possibly the iPhone 5S is expected to be announced sometime in June/July.

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