While Nokia isn’t the leader when it comes to the smartphone market but the Finnish giant almost rules the feature phone market and there are also buyers for these phones which are the basic of the all available out there. And today is no different as Nokia has launched two new featurephones called the Nokia 106 and the Nokia 107. The Nokia 107 is a dual SIM device while the Nokia 106 just packs support for single SIM.

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Both the phones have a 1.8 inches 65k color TFT display and runs on the Series 30 OS. They even measure the same at 112.9mm x 47.5mm x 14.9mm and come with the dust and spill-resistant keyboard, FM radio receivers and LED flashlights. The Nokia 106 has support for quad-band GSM network, while the Nokia 107 is dual-band for both SIM cards. The Nokia 107 weighs a little more than the Nokia 106 at 75.8 grams while the 106 weighs 74.2 grams thanks to the larger battery.


The Nokia 107 has a 1020 mAh battery which will give users a standby time of about 36 days while the Nokia 106 too will survive for 35 days with the 800 mAh battery. The Nokia 107 packs a microSD slot support up to 16 GB and Nokia suggests that users will be able to save up to 3000 songs and will be able to enjoy a music playback of about 34 hours. Both the phones will support 3.5mm audio jack and have a 2mm charging linker.

Nokia has priced the 106 at $23 and the Nokia 107 at $25 (excluding taxes and subsidies). The Nokia 106 and the Nokia 107 will be launching in China this quarter but the company has still not shared any details on the availability of the devices in other markets yet but India seems to be a viable option. Would you buy the Nokia 106 or the Nokia 107 as a spare device given the huge battery backup ? Do let us know in the comments below.

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