PhotoBeamer is a well known photo sharing app on the iPhone platform. Scalado – The company behind PhotoBeamer was acquired my Nokia in June 2012. This deal suggested that there may be an image sharing app coming with some distinct features and advancements. Nokia has done their best with Scalado to bring up PhotoBeamer for Windows 8 based Lumia Phones.

There are some basic features introduced by Nokia for the first version. I have detailed some of them here.


Features of Nokia Lumia WP8 PhotoBeamer app:

  • You can share photos directly from your Lumia phone, just open browser and reach
  • This feature works and display photos on almost every web browser.
  • There is no registration or set up required
  • You just need to have an internet connection and it works seamlessly over WI-FI, 3G or LTE networks.
  • Choose among the themes to show your mode of presentation.
  • PhotoBeamer has patented the Scalado imaging technology which ensures fastest experience even on slow connections
  • Manual pairing, bumping and a few other features work out of the box.

Nokia is trying their best to revive old technologies and bring it them in  a new way. Right now, they believe that PhotoBeamer can prove the best image sharing app that capable to share photo slideshow on a cross platform network with a group of technology [QR code, Windows Phone 8 and internet connection] working together, hand in hand. The app will be available for Windows Phone 8 devices that are Nokia Lumia 820 and Nokia Lumia 920. PhotoBeamer seems easy to use as we have already tried it on iOS platform but I do not stay with the fact that it’s the fastest way of showing off images. I mean Photobeamer can prove a good way to trigger the slide show from your phone to browser, Laptop PC or any other internet connected device that has internet browsers.

Download PhotoBeamer for Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 

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