Do you hate seeing your friends missing all of the fun that comes from being in a serious relationship? Unfortunately, it’s never easy to get your single friends together. They figure out you’re trying to set them up on a date or everyone has conflicting schedules. That is why so many single people have at least one dating app hidden away on their phone. What if we told you there was a matchmaker app, that let you put your single friends in contact with each other? You could use this matchmaking app to help mend broken hearts and fill empty voids in people’s lives.

What Is Spritzr?

Spritzr is a groundbreaking new matchmaking app that lets you suggest dates to your friends. This exciting new matchmaker app brings dating into the modern era. Online dating has been good to society and help millions of people find dates and spouses of their own. The problem is, times are rapidly changing and regardless of whether the site has a mobile app or not, you are still tethered to a computer from time to time regardless. This is how the Spritzr dating app separates itself.

Spritzr Lets You Get Social

Worried that your spouse might get the wrong impression about you using the Spritzr matchmaking app? That’s ok, Spritzr has thought of that too. You can link your account directly to Facebook and show the world that you’re happily off the market. In fact, you and your spouse can work together and link your friends together to create an even larger dating pool and play match maker together. You guys obviously know what works and what doesn’t, and who knows your friends better than you do? This is exactly why the Spritzr matchmaking app was created. It gives friends the ability to help each other, without it becoming an overbearing experience for anyone involved.


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