ZeptoLab, the makers behind one of the most addictive and loved game for Android phones, which was a huge success getting over 250 million downloads and still has 50 million active players on iOS and Android. ZeptoLab is back again with its new addictive and interesting game called Pudding Monsters. This game will be arriving on December 20th for Android devices, iPhone and iPad. “Pudding Monsters” is a puzzle adventure game in which there are cute characters as mobile players. In this game the Pudding Monsters live in a fridge, and they are on the mission to save their pudding friend whom humans have taken away from them.

Pudding Monsters Game

Pudding Monsters have puzzle based gameplay which gets split into plenty of interesting levels just like Cut the Rope. In this game players must stick the Pudding Monsters with each other so that they can become large enough to get through a level. You will also get some special and interesting powers of some monsters so as to achieve the objective. In this game a Slime Monster leaves a trail of green goo which will be necessary, so that you can solve the puzzle. The Pudding Monster can get attached to each other to become as big as they want. In this game every Monster species have a specific power which will make the game interesting by adding twists and turns in game play.

The Monsters are really amazing with unique shapes and personalities. Hope that this game will be as successful as Cut The Rope. The idea of this game The Pudding Monster was dreamed up by an employee during one of the company’s internal competitions for new game ideas said by the Spoke Person of the ZeptoLab.

It is very hard to tell whether this game will be on that level or not as we are expecting from the makers of Cut The Rope. Soon we will get to know whether Pudding Monster has satisfied its user or not on December 20th. We are eagerly waiting for the game.


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