The only question, that comes to your mind while considering a Microsoft Windows Phone 7 based phone as your next smartphone, on top of the fact that we already have a plethora of Google’s Android OS based smartphone for every budget, no matter if you’re on a super tight budget or even in case you’ve handful of money to spent on your next superphone, which classifies a universal truth that, “Android is now available for everyone.”

But hold on, Android is not the only noticeable horse running in the mobile ecosystem, that’s what Microsoft want to make the world know, with its terrific entry in the world of modern smartphones dubbed as, Windows Phone 7. So, here we’ve compiled a set of 10 great reasons on why to choose your next device as Windows Phone 7 based.

10 Reasons Why Your Next Mobile Should Be A Windows Phone:

Windows hones

  1. If you want the speediest OS yet, by far using Windows Phone 7 is almost like snappy, no matter what’s the cost of the device, thanks to the strict guidelines of Microsoft to kept the minimum hardware requirements for WP7 phones.
  2. If you want simply the best ever social integration in a phone, Windows Phone 7 possess an un-matched Facebook integration as well as great Twitter and LinkedIn. The Windows Phones are proven best to feed up  all your social networking needs, all at a single place dubbed as People hub.
  3. If you are now fed up of widgets and curious to get a brand new way to get notified, that’s with Windows Phone, introducing  live tiles with realtime updates.
  4. For best in class gaming or to be more exact, a console quality gaming on your mobile on same single-core chipset.
  5. If you want to experience the real interface designed by the OS maker, rather of any kinda UI skin which, is often referred to as Sense, some says it TouchWiz and other even says it Blur.
  6. If you want a quality assured mobile phones, instead of cheap phones built-with price compromised hardware, poor build quality, lacks several feature and bundled with smaller displays all marketed in the name of Android-ed smartphone.
  7. If you want something new, albeit a different kind of OS experience rather of traditional mobile interface, with iconic UI, say welcome to Windows Phone live tiles.
  8. If you are an avid Zune fan, dude Windows Phone 7 is all for you with seamless Zune integration and enables access to millions of songs even if you’re on the go.
  9. If you only want WVGA resolution on your phone, even if your  phone’s display is 3.7-inch or a 4.3-inch, no matters Windows Phone has no size discrimination policy for resolution, they’ll all bears same.
  10. If you only want the HD resolution in your phone, even if your phone has a 16 MP Camera, 8 MP or just 5 MP, Windows Phone 7 only believes HD resolution is the universal and best for smartphones.
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5 Responses to 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Windows Phone 7 Over Android

  1. Akoete koffi says:

    I like windows mobile because is too fast 4 browsed .

  2. Android says:

    An Android phone can anytime be a Windows phone with all sorts of customizations, but a Windows phone can never be an Android..

  3. Nicely compiled points…i am Windows Phone supporter from the start ….Good to see people are seeing things beyond Android now!

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