Few days back I was searching for buying a 32GB Class 10 card for my Smartphone but was so confused with so many choices available in the market. Ultimately I end up in buying Samsung Essential Class 10 32GB Micro SDHC as it was nearly the same price as SanDisk but was offering a 10 years warranty which makes it no brainier to buy. Even though Samsung is not very old in selling memory cards, so I was a bit skeptical whether to go for Samsung or SanDisk but then cost factors and warranty benefits made me choose this product.

Samsung Essential Class10 32GB Micro SDHC Review

Samsung 32GB Class 10 Micro SD Card  review

So, it’s my habit to test and very the integrity of the product before using it full fledged. So, I decided to run a few tests on this memory card to check its actual read and write speed and checking whether it is at par for the class 10 category and even will run a test for verifying whether the memory space getting shown on memory card is actually available for use or not.

Samsung Essential Class 10 Micro SDHC 32GB Benchmarks

The first test we performed is Crystal Bench Mark which test random read write speed on memory cards. This is the only software I know for testing random read-write speed of the card and give out a graphical output of results which even a 5 years old can understand.

So, upon running this test on this memory card, we found that although as the company claims, you won’t get a speed of read/write of 70/20 MByte/sec but actual test results are shown below:

Samsung Essential Class 10 32GB Micro SDHC Review

The write speed we found is 12 MB/sec which clearly proves that this card is at par standard for class 10 category, even though it returned a speed of only 15MB/sec for reading. However, please note, speed of read-write on memory cards also depends on the quality and speed of micro adapter too. During testing of this card, I had an old adapter which I think could be a reason that phone is showing less read speed on the card. Otherwise, on phones and tablets, I expect a read speed of nearly 20 MB/Sec.

Another test we ran on this card is H2Testw which checks whether the capacity of the card is genuine. This test writes some random files on the card and utilize the full space of its verifying full storage of the card. And the result is that the card is genuinely having that space i.e. 29.8 GB.

Samsung Essential Class 10 32GB Micro SDHC H2testw Test

So, now when we have tested the device, let me tell you about some major specifications of this card. Although this card is designed especially for 4G Smartphones and tablet users, but you can use it on any device you want. I am going to include this card in my upcoming Galaxy S4 accessories collection which shall reach be reaching for me very soon. I used this on my digital camera too (the current file system is FAT32 which camera supports) with micro adapter and it worked very well. Although the company claims that it is water proof, magnet proof, temperature proof and even X-ray Proof which sounds like very lucrative things for buying it. And again, 32GB or say an actual 30 GB size should be enough for 7500 Photos, 8 Hours of HD video or 8200 songs.

Samsung Essential Class 10 32GB Micro SDHC Storage Size

At different places, Samsung used to sell this with or without micro-adapter. The one i got was without micro adapter. Packing of the card is really nice and sturdy and clear instructions are given on the package for from where the package to be cut for taking out the card safely. By default, file system on the card is FAT32 which brings the limitation of a single sized file to be of max 4GB. Although you can format the card to NTFS for removing this limitation.

Samsung Class 10 Micro SD card adapter

Final verdict

For me, buying a Samsung over SanDisk was a good decision because of its great specifications and performance. The claims like waterproof, magnet proof, temperature proof and X-Ray acts like a bonus with 10 years limited warranty. So, you can consider this as a good buy and use it without any tensions.

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