Samsung Galaxy SIII, the most awaited Android mobile of the year is now available in India. On 31st May Samsung officially launched Galaxy SIII in India. This flagship Android mobile is now available in online stores and local stores for Rs 43,180 ($800). On the launch event I got a chance to play with the device. I’m sharing my hands on experience about Samsung Galaxy SIII.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 hands on review:

Design: To be frank I was not impressed by the design of Samsung Galaxy SIII when it was first announced. In the press shots the mobile was not looking great. But in reality the design is not that bad, actually the Pebble White version looks nice. Samsung Galaxy SIII is available in two colors Pebble Blue and Marbel White. The Marbel Blue version is very fingerprint magnet and the rear side of mobile catches fingerprint quite easily. The device feels great in hand, despite of having 4.8 inch screen the device is not that big. At 133gm weight it feels very light weight and 8.6 mm thickness makes it easy to handle. Samsung Galaxy S3 is not much bigger than Samsung Galaxy SII which sports 4.3 inch screen.

Samsung Galaxy S3 -Pebble Blue and Marbel White versions

Screen: Samsung Galaxy S3 has 4.8 inch SUPER AMOLED HD display. It does’t have the ‘Plus’ after name, so it uses pen tile matrix technology which is somewhat inferior to the full RGB AMLOED screen which Samsung Galaxy SII has. But the pen tile screen will not be a problem as pixel density (306 PPI) is high. The screen looks great, offers vibrant colors, contrast and has amazing viewing angle. It is a pleasure to watch videos and photos on the huge screen. I’m sure you will love the screen of Galaxy S3.

User interface: It runs latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 with Samsung’s TouchWiz skin. I’m not fond of this Touch Wiz skin, but this time Samsung has modified the skin and made it better than previous versions. The user interface is silky smooth there is no lag during operations, applications and games were opening fast. The quad core 1.4 GHz processor and powerful Mali 400 MP GPU really help to accelerate in user interface speed and offer great performance. Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with many new software features like S-voice, Direct call, Smart stay, Smart alert, S beam, Buddy photo share, Pop up play etc. I’ve tried some of these features like S-voice, S Beam, Pop up Play and they worked nicely. Sometime S-voice doesn’t recognize commands, so it needs little more optimizations. Overall the user experience is great, I’m very happy with it.

Samsung Galaxy S3 User interface demo: 

Camera: Samsung Galaxy SIII has the same 8 MP camera like its predecessor Galaxy SII. But this time it is using different sensor which offers better picture and video quality. The camera interface is identical to Samsung Galaxy SII. Some new features have been added to the camera like the Best Shot feature which takes multiple photos in burst mode and gives you the best photo among them. Camera offers many shooting modes like Smile shot, Beauty shot, Cartoon shot, Buddy Photo Share etc.

Here is one untouched Samsung Galaxy S3 camera sample photo. Click on the image to get full size photo-

Samsung Galaxy S3 hands on video – Camera, Task manager, Game hub, S Suggest: 

First impression: I’m very much impressed by the Samsung Galaxy SIII. It is undoubtedly the best Android mobile when it comes to features and raw power. It may not be as good looking as HTC One X, Sony Xperia S or Nokia Lumia 900, but you will love the mobile when you use it. Samsung Galaxy S3 priced at Rs 43,180 ($800) in India, which is very expensive at this time. But some online stores are already selling this mobile for around Rs 36,000 which is great deal.

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  1. Rohith says:

    36000? On which site?

  2. PrIyAnGsHu says:

    It’s really the greatest GALAXY ever made, although I don’t really like the design of the device. I right now own a Galaxy Note but due to its larger size, I can’t carry it comfortably. But, now I’m now going to purchase this all new Galaxy S3 since it’s made for us – THE HUMANS 😛 !

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