I’m sure this news will make some international Samsung Galaxy SIII owners jealous and sad. Samsung Galaxy SIII with 2GB RAM and quad core processor has been spotted in a leaked photo. We know that international version of Samsung Galaxy SIII has 1.4 Ghz quad core processor and 1 GB RAM. But it doesn’t support 4G LTE as Samsung’s Exynos 4412 chipset doesn’t support LTE 4G technology. For this reason in some countries like USA where 4G is present, Samsung Galaxy S3 will be available with 1.5 Ghz dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor which supports LTE 4G.

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From a leaked photo we get to know that there will be a special Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE version for Korea’s SK Telecom which will have same quad core processor like international 3G Samsung Galaxy S3 and will come equipped with full 2GB RAM! The model number of this mobile is SHV-E210S Samsung Galaxy S III.

You might be wondering how does this Exynos chipset is supporting 4G LTE? Ok, this is a special Galaxy S3 with a 3rd party LTE chip. The addition of this LTE chip makes this mobile little thicker, Samsung Galaxy S III LTE will be 0.4 mm thicker than international 3G version. So it will be 9.0 mm thick and will have same 2100 mAh battery like 3G Samsung Galaxy S3. Other than this every other specifications of  this LTE supported Samsung Galaxy S III will be same as international version. Unfortunately this mobile will be available in Korea only and there is no news about its international availability. This mobile will be available in Korea for SK Telecom from July.


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3 Responses to Quad Core Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE with 2GB RAM Coming to Korea

  1. Vishal says:

    Can we Use Korean Version of S3 in India..If Yes, Can Indian LTE able to support LTE specs designed for Korea

    • Plaban says:

      Currently Airtel is only offering LTE 4G internet in Kolkata and Bangalore. Govt. has not issued 4G license for voice so 4G LTE mobile will not work in the India 4G network at this time, 3G will work though.

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