Samsung has done a premium Suite for Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note II only. Now, they have decided to launch a premium suite update for their flagship phone Samsung Galaxy SIII. There is a premium suite upgrade video released for Galaxy SIII that shows some new camera features, UI optimization and apps. Samsung has included Paper artist app, added features like low light and best face to the Jelly Bean camera. Beside that there is a Camera easy snap taken from Galaxy Camera. There are some other features like Setup wizard and sound balance.

Samsung Galaxy S3 premium suite

 Samsung has released two videos demonstrating the cool new features of the Premium Suite.

Samsung Galaxy SIII Premium Suite Video 1:



Samsung Galaxy SIII Premium Suite Video 2:


Samsung Galaxy SIII Premium Suite features detailed:

  • User interface optimized for better performance and fluid experience.
  • Features like Page Buddy, Contextual Menu, Contextual Tag, Multi Window[ from Galaxy Note II], Auto share shot pairing, reader mode, Facebook Lock Ticker[A ticker that show Facebook updates on Lock screen]¬† has been added to user interface.
  • Samsung has added an App Paper Artist which enables you to add effects to images clicked you or taken from other resources.
  • Camera features have been enhanced and lots of features are taken from Galaxy Note and Galaxy Camera. The first thing I will like to mark, is a low light shot which enables you to take good images even where there is a low light or no light source. It prevents pixelating of dark images.
  • A new Galaxy Camera feature introduced to the Galaxy SIII suite is the best face- It clicks five images consecutively in a burst mode and let you choose the best face of every person and then combines the best faces in a single photo. This has been achieved by some AI based image manipulation.
  • Easy Mode: This setup up the five most used Widgets on the Home Screen and later allows you to customize it.
  • Sound Balance: Now you can set up the balance of volume on each side of the earphone.
  • Camera easy Snap: Now Galaxy SII can tell you how many faces it has detected the camera preview using the face detection and Talkback.

Samsung has always kept its flagship like Galaxy S series device updates and it looks the new Galaxy S 4 will have lot many features in its premium suite. This is a type of premium service Samsung is providing that is not seen yet with HTC, LG or any other big player. We are eagerly waiting for the new Premium Suite update to release for Galaxy SIII.

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