Microsoft has officially announced about the first details of the next big thing in Mobile technology, Windows Phone 8 and confirming many of the rumors about the new Operating System at Windows Phone Summit.

Don’t get too excited, this is just a ‘Sneak Peek’ and we’ve not all the information & details about Windows Phone 8 as there’s a lot of information that we aren’t aware of. We just know about the major software and hardware changes of the Windows Phone 8 and we’ll be sharing the same.


The Power of Windows 8

The major Plus of Windows Phone 8 is that it would be running on Windows 8. If you’ve already used Windows 8 on your Computer or Laptop, then you can assume the same dashing looks and features on the Windows Phone 8. Certainly it would have more features, better performance, and many more.

The New Hardware Changes

The immense news hardware changes in Windows Phone 8 are as follows:

  • Near-Field Communication
  • Multicore processors ( like Dual-Core and Quad-Core )
  • New Screen Resolution
  • Expandable Memory Slot

New and Better Home Screen 

Microsoft has redesigned the Start screen in Windows Phone 8. In Windows Phone 8, you can even resize each individual live title from the Home screen to fit the entire width or space within the screen.

Multi-Core Processor Support

You no longer will have to purchase iPhone 4S or any Android gadgets to enjoy Multi-Core Processors as Windows Phone 8 supports Multi-Core Processor which enables the device to run buttery smooth.

Internet Explorer 10

Similar to Windows 8 PCs and Tablets, Windows Phone 8 would be coming with the same web browser i.e. Internet Explorer 10 which has many advanced features like better performance, faster speed and much secure.

Better Maps and Directions

We will be seeing the improved version of Nokia Apps in Windows Phone 8 since Microsoft has partnered up with Nokia. So, Nokia Mapping has is a cool feature of this phone. The improved version will offer much detailed maps and will come with the ability to store maps offline.

Other features:-

  • Windows Phone 8 will offer much Cooler Apps and Amazing Games.
  • One more remarkable feature of Windows Phone 8 is MicroSD card support to help you gain lots of storage space.
  • Microsoft has taken strong steps to make Windows Phone 8 a Business-Friendly Windows Phone.
  • Widows Phone 8 has a Built-in Technology to Encrypt the Entire Device which helps to keep everything from Documents to Passwords safe.
  • It supports over 50 languages.
  • And many more features like Better Security, Multitasking Enhancements, etc.

When the Windows Phone 8 would launch?

Well, still we would be looking forward from Microsoft to state the exact time of arrival for Windows Phone 8 Release date. We can currently expect the phone to launch at any time from October to December, 2012.

Microsoft Windows Phone 8, also code-named as Apollo is an interesting gadget with loads of features and improvements. Hope to see it launched as soon as possible. For this extremely featured device, we should admire Microsoft.

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