Micromax is a leading Indian mobile phone manufacturing company. In just few years they have become extremely popular for their affordable Canvas series of Android smartphones. Micromax Canvas A100 a.k.a Canvas 1 was the first Canvas branded mobile. After the initial success of Canvas 1, Micromax flooded the market with several Canvas devices. Micromax A110 Canvas 2 and Canvas A116 HD are most successful mobiles from this Indian company. Recently they announced Canvas 4 A210 which is a successor to the Canvas HD. With the release of every flagship Canvas device we have observed a noticeable specification bump, but this time it is missing. Is Canvas 4 really a worthy successor to the Canvas HD? We will find out next.

Micromax Canvas 4

Myth: Micromax is an Indian company and they manufacture mobile phones

It is true that Micromax is an Indian company but they doesn’t have own manufacturing units. Instead they import phones and tablets from some Chinese OEMs and rebrand them. So basically all Micromax products are just rebranded Chinese devices. Many other companies like Karbonn, Lava also follow this practice. All these companies just add some software tweaks, promote the devices and sell them in India.


BLU Life One and Micromax Canvas 4 [Front]

Micromax Canvas 4 is also a rebadged Chinese mobile. It is an exact replica of BLU Life One. BLU is an American company which also sells rebadged Chinese mobiles. So it is evident that both companies BLU and Micromax are taking supplies from the same Chinese OEM. Micromax just added their branding and software into it.

BLU Life One vs Micromax Canvas 4

BLU Life One and Micromax Canvas 4 [Rear]

Image source: GSMArena, FoneArena

Micromax Canvas 4 Hardware:

Micromax Canvas 4 A210 is an incremental upgrade over Canvas HD. It doesn’t bring any revolutionary hardware or software features. Micromax has concentrated on improving user experience rather than upgrading the specification. Many were expecting hardware upgrades like Full HD screen, faster processor and 2GB RAM. But it has identical internal as Canvas HD. So the good old quad-core 1.2GHz MediaTek MT6589 chipset is taking care of processing need. The same chipset powers several other affordable Android mobiles. The amount of RAM is still 1GB and the screen is same 5 inch IPS LCD panel with 720p resolution, though the quality of the screen has improved a little bit.

Micromax Canvas 4 CPU

The only noticeable upgrade is in the imaging department. The rear camera has been upgraded to 13MP from 8MP. There is an LED flash for better low light photography. The rear camera is capable of Full HD 1080p video recording, face detection, HDR mode, burst mode and many other goodies. The front camera is more exciting, now there is a 5MP front camera instead of a lackluster VGA camera which was present on Canvas HD. If you love to click your own photos and use video calling features then you will be surely delighted. The internal memory is bumped to 16GB which is a welcome change. But don’t get too excited beacuse only 2.4GB space can be used install apps and games. There is a 2,000mAh battery to provide enough juice to this mobile. But the battery capacity looks insufficient considering the huge screen and quad-core chipset.

Micromax Canvas 4 Software:

Canvas 4 Blow to unlock

The phone is now running Android 4.2.1 with mostly stock Android interface. Micromax has added enhancements to improve the user experience. There are some gimmicky features like ‘Blow Air to unlock’ and ‘Shake to unlock’. Micromax has implemented some of the Samsung’s S features like Smart Pause and Pop up Play. There are gesture based controls like proximity answer phone, proximity dial phone, flip to silent etc. ‘Simultaneous View’ which will let you play two videos side by side. Micromax Canvas 4 supports OTA based software update feature which is first among Indian mobile manufacturers. Now you can expect faster software updates.

Micromax Canvas 4 vs Canvas HD Comparison:

Micromax Canvas HD A116 Micromax Canvas 4 A210
Display 5 inch IPS LCD 1280×720 resolution 5 inch IPS LCD 1280×720 resolution
CPU 1.2GHz quad-core MediaTek MT6589 1.2GHz quad-core MediaTek MT6589
GPU PowerVR SGX544 PowerVR SGX544
Operating System Android 4.1.2 (Android 4.2 upgradable) Android 4.2.1
Camera 8MP rear and 2MP front 13MP rear and 5MP front
Internal memory 4GB (1.77GB usable) 16GB (10GB usable)
MicroSD card Up to 32GB Up to 32GB
Battery capacity 2,000 mAh 2,000 mAh

Should you buy Micromax Canvas 4?

Micromax Canvas 4 A210 is launched with a price tag of  Rs 17,999 which is a lot considering the hardware. As I mentioned before Canvas 4 is just a minor upgrade over Canvas HD. Both of the phones share same internals. You can expect identical performance from both of the mobiles. Micromax Canvas 4 ROM is now available for Canvas HD mobile. All new software features including Blow To Unlock, Shake To Unlock, Smart Pause, Video Pinning are working perfectly on Canvas HD. One can easily find Canvas HD for around Rs 13,000 on the market. Is it worth spending extra Rs 5000 for almost same device?

Well, it depends on your requirements and trust on the company. It is true that Canvas 4 brings improved camera, little bit better build quality and some software tweaks. Micromax is trying to justify the price by including a free flip cover worth Rs 3000 (!) with the mobile. But we should not forget that Micromax is known for affordable mobiles, now they are trying to enter the premium price segment. Their main customers are budget conscious people who prefer Micromax phones over Samsung or Nokia mobiles due to the affordability. Rs 17,999 is a lot of money for a phone of this specification from a company like Micromax who is infamous for poor after sales service. Not to forget that some of the Canvas mobiles have questionable build quality. Micromax Canvas 4 is an overpriced mobile. Micromax should have priced it under Rs 15k to make it more sensible.

I’m not convinced to buy a rebadged Chinese mobile for such high price. I’ll rather shell out a little bit more money and buy mobile from a reputed company.


Do you think Micromax Canvas 4 lived up to the expectation? Will you buy a Micromax mobile for such high price? Do share your opinion in the comment section.

Micromax Canvas 4 alternatives:

Sony Xperia Ion:

Sony Xperia Ion

  • 4.6″ 720p HD display
  • 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S3 CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 12MP camera

Price: Rs 18k

Nokia Lumia 820:

Nokia Lumia 820

  • 4.3″ 800×480 px AMOLED display
  • 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8MP camera
  • Windows Phone 8

Price: Rs 19.5k

HTC One S:


  • 4.3″ 960×540 px Super AMOLED display
  • 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8MP camera 

Price: Rs 20k

Sony Xperia SP:

Sony Xperia SP

  • 4.6″ 720p HD display
  • 1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8MP camera

Price: Rs 21k

Google Nexus 4:

Google Nexus 4

  • 4.7″ 720p HD display
  • 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8MP camera

Price: 24k

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28 Responses to Why I’ll not buy Micromax Canvas 4? The real truth!

  1. Great article Plaban.

    I must say Micromax sucks big time as their service center is the most pathetic I have ever come across. I got a Canvas 2 and I submitted that to service center for some sim card issues and to my shocking I got an another mobile(not replacement) basically I provided the white one and in return got the black one and the staff were like we don’t know. what the hell is this? is this is your so called support? and ya you mentioned it right they are just importing Chinese devices and re-branding it.

    as far as Canvas 4 is concerned its a total flop show from Micromax, by just creating hype they wont come anyway near to Samsung who is far away from this shit things. at a price of near about 18k customers are only getting 1GB RAM, Normal Resolution Display and 1.2GHz Quad Core Processor, haha you kidding me? Boss provide something which is well worth so in my opinion its a BIG NO to MICROMAX CANVAS 4.

    • Asbin Ashok says:

      a BIG NO to Micromax..?? i’d bet u’d have said the same for SAMSUNG a few years back.!! when did Samsung raise..?? it was d same as Micromax…!! it was NOKIA back then…now it ain’t…stop critisizing and allow indian companies like Micromax to grow..!! pls check to specs again!! it’s a Cortex A7 processor…not juz an ordinary 1.2Ghz Quad core one!! if u wanna a supper computer in the model of a mobile…tht..ain’t existing now!! 😛

  2. Priyanka says:

    I am using the Ninja A89 which is a basic Android phone by Micromax. I had some speaker issues with the phone and I submitted it to their service center.. and they took about a week to replace its motherboard. Currently the device is working fine.

    In fact all such kind of brands are re-branded with Chinese devices, including Lava, Karbonn, Intex, Celkon, etc. I don’t find a Micromax phone is a worth buy for 17K, instead you can pay the same and go for a Samsung Galaxy or a Nokia Lumia.

  3. Vishal says:

    Good article. I would always recommend a Nexus from all these phone.

  4. Sumanto says:

    I am currently holding Micromax Canvas HD and looking for full HD display but i am totally disappointed with Micromax Canvas 4 specification. Nothing new with this phone, except camera resolution (13 MP) and internal memory (16 GB). Due to their so called hype they made this phone die on its born itself. As per other new launch android smartphones from other so called Indian brand (all are imported from China), this phone price is too high. Its price should not be more than 14K w.r.t. to its previous Canvas HD model. Now market is too tough for them and they already make hole on their created ground due to their so called hype. End of the day, it is not worth to buy this phone. They now only can survive by launching “Canvas 4 FHD/5” with Full HD display and better processor speed (min 1.5 GHz) and battery backup (2600 mAH).

  5. Pranjal says:

    “Tambakoo, Gutkha, Pan masala, Zarda, Khaini, Cigarette, “Micromax”, “Lemon”, “Karbonn”, “Gionee,” “LAVA,” “Celkon,” Panfit, Guru, Sanjog, Talaab, Shikhar,” yeh sab jaanlewa hai, aaj hi chodiye!

  6. Yogesh Patel says:

    You all say Micromax, Lava, Karbonn are Chinese phones, what about iPhone, Samsung all those are Chinese phone as well with better quality. Micromax is growing, compare its devices from last year to this year. Means quality will improve in coming months or years.

    It’s more like opting for only Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Sehwag, Laxman, Ganguly, Dravid when star like Shikhar Dhawan are capable and get chance when top 6 are not there.

    Don’t go with reality, choose swadeshi products. Furthermore i have A89 Ninja. Before purchasing I was in same dilemma but after purchase I was very happy with my choice.

    @Plaban – What the big deal if Canvas 4 looks like Blu Life One?

    Give room to new ones, or atleast don’t say it on paper that Micromax or any other brand is just the cheap import of China phones. I would say “Dekho, Samjo or parkhoo – what’s right, what’s wrong”

    • Plaban Manna says:

      Hi Yogesh,

      It’s not like I hate Indian mobile companies. But you can not compare them with Apple, Samsung and other companies who manufacture devices in China. They have their own R&D centers for developing new hardware and software. They spend huge money on R&D. Only the manufacturing process takes place in China.

      On the other hand Micromax and other companies don’t have their own R&D, they just import cheap mobiles from Chinese OEM and rebrand it. These companies just spend money on marketing.

      I have bad experience with Canvas A100. The phone’s motherboard, battery and power button got damaged within 6-7 months. Micromax service centers are awful.

      I would love to use a mobile from a TRUE Indian company.

      • Pranav Agrawal says:

        Lol!! Look at the first pic of your Article @PLABAN MANNA.
        In the Left Phone(Blu).There is logo of micromax..

      • Ankit says:

        I am sorry i am not in a favor of comparing. But yes i can clear some of the facts like MICROMAX dont have R&D department, they have a huge R&D department here in gurgoan. And they are not importing the whole mobile devices from china, they import parts of it like the motherboard or u can say chipset. Like bigger auto manufacturer companies do they import the parts do some tweaking according to Indian roads and driving style and then they sell it, If we can say BMW or Audi or Jaguar are one of the cheap companies then we can say Micromax is also a cheap and “bakwas” company..

    • Pranjal says:

      Let me clear your facts Yogesh sire!

      Samsung, Nokia, Apple, HTC phones are researched in in the their respective R&D labs first, then later working prototypes are produced and after that when they are ready with the final product, the respective makers send the orders to the Chinese factories which are capable to produce the demanded products in the masses and at an affordable price points.

      While, in case of your beloved Micromax they are simply reaching to Chinese OEMs and simply re-badging phones with their logo and other branding gimmicks and launches their products with lots of whistles and bells, and people like you easily falls in the trap.

      Now considering your Miromax A89 Ninja, you phone has a 512 MB of RAM okay, and you also know it very well, that how beautifully it lags, how many times did you had received the software updates? Despite, of the fact that you’re phone has a 1 Ghz dual-core processor, and 512 Mb of RAM, it can only shoot VGA videos. However, if you compare it with any dual-core Nokia phones, with similar specs their phones can shoot HD videos, plus your Micromax phone’s captured imagery is of pathetic quality can’t even match the low-end Nokia Asha feature phones. That’s called research and required makers to have their own R&D labs to create innovative results.

      And top of all, your phones has a 1450 mAh battery, that’s relatively big in comparable to its price but, when it comes to provide backup, it lasts not more than 4 hours on phone calls. That makes me guess, for an average smartphone usage you’ve to put your phone on charge at least twice a day. While, compare it with any Nokia Lumia. they starts with just 1300 mAh battery ( Lumia 510) and it still fairly lasts for around 6+ hours on a regular 2G calls. So, I think you’re smart enough to grab my facts and explanations.

      Room will be definitely given to something innovative, but not for something which has nothing to do with the term “innovation.”

      Dekho, Samho, parkoo, and phir se dimaag par zor do! you guys are putting your novice smartphone research efforts in the wrong direction, which ends up you guys buying worthless smartphones, as a results out of trying to be an “extra smart.” Albeit, it’s almost like buying rotten tomatoes just because they are coming cheap, and in larger quantities over a selection of fresh and little expensive tomatoes, which genuinely tastes better.

  7. Vivek Vadodaria says:

    Guys, Calm down.
    I just want to tell that even Samsung wasnt a big company before a decade, When there was NOKIA-NOKIA everywhere Samsung was disliked by many just as Micromax is today. So dont worry after a decade Micromax will be a leading brand and we all will be proud of it. And in the matter of copying Chinese companies, it is a strategy just as Facebook is a stolen idea and now it is better. And Still let the company grow, we will have the best budget phones.

    • we will be really proud and buy only micromax if it is producing these things here themselves.they bloody use our foreign money and import cheap oh really not cheap phones.we just see that china increases their foreign currency kit.nothing else.check the trade deficiency between us and china and the gap keeps growing.god save us from the chines lovers.

  8. Parth Garg says:

    Off course i bought this because.. Its best in price.. Its flipcover is awesome.. All other accessories r premium.. Its far better than mine previous canvas HD.. & yaar built quality is worth giving 5k extra..

    Also jinnhe lag raha hai price will drop, buy it now.. Price will not drop.. Accessories will be downgraded..

  9. Asbin Ashok says:

    @admin..!! if u really r an indian….then…juz shut up…and stop criticizing..!! u talk bout Samsung as a big deal…and iPhone…my question to u…Is Galaxy Grand a gud purchase.?? is iPhone 5 worth d price.??!! if u say YES..then.i’d say…u betta’ consult a doctor.!! Micromax..has done a pretty osm job!! if Micromax is junk…so is Samsung now!! all it’s low priced devices suck to d damn core!!!!! u ppl out der…forget this WEBSITE…u can go in for Canvas 4.!! @Plaban Manna..!! now…@jeet dholakia…sir…juz coz a bad thing happened to ya…doesn’t mean tht it’ll happen to all..!! thtz ur bad time.!! ‘m not saying tht they’ve done the right thing…but..it happens!! last…[email protected]…man… ‘m with ya!! 😀

  10. Asbin Ashok says:

    i’d bet….Micromax is gonna reach great hieghts..!! 😀 R&D lab…is tht all u want..!! it’ll b der…

  11. Priyanka says:

    I have been using Micromax and it’s a real crap. Within 6 months after purchase i had to submit it twice to the service center for 2 separate issues. and their customer support is too slow to repair it. I also have a Funbook that got display issues within the warranty period. I suggest everyone to expand their budget and go for Samsung or HTC or Sony, but never buy such CHEAP brands like Micromax. Their processors are cheap and hangs often and you cant even install too many apps.

    • Shailesh Joshi says:

      Even my first and last experience with samsung was pathetic.. the model was of the same price as MMX Ninja… It went thrice to the service centre and each time i got it returned after 20 to 30 days. So it doesn’t mean that Samsung is a lemon too….. My frnds are using both Samsung and MMX and they are equally happy wid MMX, or even more happy coz that they are getting more features than Samsung in the same price range…… See……Samsung,HTC, and Apple are international brands, they cannot provide all features under 20k coz otherwise who will buy their premium brands like S3,S4 and Note and that too at such a high rates…. To justify their high rates, Samsung releases other poor plastic body and TFT screen craps which hangs like anything. And its high end phones are excessively stuffed with hardware specifications…. There is no android application present in India which uses all 4 processors… and 2GB RAM….. Oh my God…!!!all it drains is battery…. High end specifications are only gimmick to take out more money out of the customer’s pocket… Its like selling u a bus, instead of car, whose seats are always empty whenever u go out with ur family and frnds……and the extra bulky seats sucking ur petrol….
      It depends on ur choice and pocket what u want….. Do u want to look different with ur expensive premium brand phones(ofcourse if u can spend) or u want to hv all features like a branded phones in affordable amount…..?? And also remember one thing… we use our phones for an average of 3 yrs,then we tempt for a new one…Ony flagship models of samsung are worth buying… I repeat, “ONLY FLAGSHIP MODELS OF SAMSUNG ARE WORTH BUYIUNG.” their midrange products have no VFM(Value for Money) and they are no better than grey products… U can see by urself, Samsung Grand, Core and Quattro provide TFT screen while other phones like MMX provide IPS LCD with better hardware and body maKE at same price tag…. CHOICE IS ALL YOURS…… If u can afford, buy premium S series samsung,HTC phone, but if ur range is within 20K, than MMX is the best option in android and nokia in WP.

  12. Mohak says:

    Really good post. Canvas is just a piece of shit which is use and throw.

  13. ARUN says:

    hey guys before critisizing canvas 4 any more …..please take a look at this videos .. it shows all the special features of micromAX Canvas 4 ….i have seen lot of people say that micromax canvas 4 have nothig special……well frends i must say the canvas 4 is the first device from micromax with well customzed adroid ui….they have include a lot of feature like smart pause,smart lock,multi window and lot of customization in the voice calling department also……and it all works very acurate …..actually smart pause feature work better in canvas 4 than the a samsung galaxy s4….

    video review : http://youtu.be/8ep-rEOVhaE
    unknown special features & tricks canvas 4 :http://youtu.be/FRV4-Kkn3TI

  14. Madhana gopal says:

    guys you saying oly branded mobiles are good example like NOKIA,SAMSUNG,HTC,etc..!! do you know where those phones are manufactured?? it manufactured in CHINA oly ..!! if u have doubts check online..! so will you tell them as chinese mobiles???

  15. Shubham Ture says:

    Actually Yes Micromax Just Rebrands Phones . Ex :- Micromax a45 Is Myphone A818 Duo . Mostly These Companies Rebrand Phones And Sell In India . And I Would Never Spend This Must On REbranded China Phone , Rather I Would Buy Xperia SP / HTC Desire X / Xperia Sola / Xperia GO / Nexus 4 .

  16. K.Kumar says:

    Well I agree with Jeet…It is not about Indian or Foreign company….It is after sales service and it SUCKS BIG TIME…..Nokia was good…Samsung has improved.but Micromax has a big way to go specially Hari Hara Autho: Service center of micromax in Hyderabad. Hope they wake up soon before it is too late.

  17. Shivakant says:

    Dear ALL ,

    I have started a blog to make people Aware of Micromax Cheap Phones and Bad Service kindly share your stories to support it


  18. Nidhish Dessai says:

    can you compare micromax to samsung now. see the performance n everything NOW. though micromax offers chinese products but at this time (2015) you get a phone at 14,000 that is actually powerful than samsung s5 (s5 lags like hell) they say that samsung puts so many features that a phone at 14,000(that to chinese) works faster. And try to compare grand 2 with canvas knight (dont just see specs use it) and you’ll what if its chinese but it forks better

  19. damini says:

    i personally using micromax canvas 4 its very good phone no problem in it its amazing phone i m using last 2 year i love it all phone good but its depend how much price u want to invest in my point of view dont wast ur money more than 20 k in phone bcoz its defiantly u will get problem in phone after 1 and 2 year bcoz u r using lot of features and application that’s y it happen if u definitely change ur phone in 2 year y u invest money more than 20 k u get problem Samsung , i phone every phone its not big deal most irritating phone i have ever use is Samsung always hanging micromax is pretty good

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