Before we proceed further reading this post, I shall explain it in short that ‘Useless BID’ is an auctioning contest where you can easily win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310. The contest is a promotional strategy by Samsung  to promote the latest 7″ Galaxy Tab 2 301. Earlierly Samsung was running ‘Two Way- Choose What’s Right’ contest to promote Samsung Galaxy Y Duos.

As per the official sources of Samsung, the contest principle is especially focusing on the promotion of the multi-featured device, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310. Actually this device, Galaxy Tab 2 310 is such an extremely feature-rich device that it’s a ‘do-it-all’ device. Didn’t understood what I meant by ‘do-it-all’?

Win Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310

Check the splendid features of the splendid tablet, Galaxy Tab 2 310, HERE from GSMArena or check the features of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 from the official Samsung Site, HERE.
Well, Galaxy Tab 2 310 would have the nature of all the devices or the gadgets that we come across in our daily life like a camera, laptop, mobile phone and a TV.

And as such, buying Galaxy Tab 2 310 will make you addicted with itself and a whole day, you’ll stick with this splendid tablet since once you buy it and certainly you’ll forget all the old-fashioned devices like TV, Laptop, a mobile phone TV i.e. You can get all of the features of these gadgets (TV, Phone, Laptop, Camera) directly into the Tablet itself.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Useless Bid Contest

In short, Galaxy Tab 2 is such an amazing tablet which would replace or substitute all the above mentioned devices which are TV, Phone, Laptop, and Camera and makes these all devices useless.

Of course, you want to grab this tablet now. But you have a chance to grab it for free but you’ll have to work a little for that.

How to play Samsung Useless Bid Contest?

All you need to do is guess the lowest unique price for all of these useless devices to make your chance to win the Tab and that is why this contest has been named as Useless Bid contest.   


So, now interested in participating in the useless BID contest and make your chances to win Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310?


Participating is easy since all you need to do is follow on-screen instructions. And yes, do like their Facebook Fanpage before you participate. Hope you liked the information shared above. Do share your views about this contest via comments.

And have you participated in the Useless Bid contest?


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  1. nice going for bid

  2. I have participated in many Samsung India’s giveaway like this one but till now no luck for me 🙁 this time also participates so lets see what I get?

    Thanks for sharing it.

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