The most awaited event in the mobile industry, the Mobile World Congress has just kicked off and the first interesting announcement is coming from the event is from Microsoft which has announced quite a few interesting things which are going to happen with the Windows Phone OS including dual-SIM support, 9 new partners who will bring out new smartphones running on the Windows Phone OS and a new, dedicated Facebook messenger app.


Coming to the most important part of today’s announcement, Redmond based Microsoft has finally announced that the company is bringing dual-SIM support to its Windows Phone OS. This is a great news for many of the prospective and existing buyers who have wished many a times that the OS should have had the support of dual-SIM which, smartphones running on Google’s Android OS come with. The dual-SIM functionality will also allow Microsoft to directly challenge Android smartphones. We have long heard about a Nokia MoneyPenny smartphone, screenshot of which also leaked and now it seems that the phone might finally materialize soon.

Next up, Microsoft has partnered with 9 new smartphone manufacturers which are as follows:

  • JSR
  • Longcheer
  • Foxconn
  • Lenovo
  • LG
  • ZTE
  • Xolo
  • Karbonn
  • Gionee

Now, three manufacturers which are XOLO, Karbonn and Gionee might just help Microsoft to target the mid-budget Android smartphones in India which is good while LG and Lenovo might bring out quality high-end devices thus giving users more options to buy when they plan to put all their money on the Windows Phone platform. Add dual-SIM support and it is just a cherry on the cake for users and also for manufacturers apart from Mirosoft themselves.


Lastly, Microsoft has made it official that Facebook Messenger will make its way into the Windows Phone Store in the next few weeks and will be a seperate app which will allow users to chat with their friends and family.

Image Credit: WPCentral


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