In the past few months, we have been hearing a lot about the Windows Phone GDR3 (General Distribution Release 3) upgrade to release later this month and today, Microsoft has officially announced and shared about the chances that the update 3 will bring in which includes some of the most awaited and asked for features which include support for 1080p displays and Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor for improved performance.


Now that the Windows Phone GDR3 release will bring in support for devices with 5 inch and 6 inch 1080p displays, users will have more space on the Start screens with room for six Live Tiles across instead of four which also means the ability to pin even more of the people, info, and apps that matter to you. Built-in apps and Hubs like email, Photos, People, and Music and Videos will also be carefully scaled to take full advantage of the additional real estate on 6-inch screens.

More features include:

  • Driving mode – This will allow users to manage notifications and also automatic replies for a safer travel
  • New accessibility options – Microsoft has included a new screen reader which goes on to read out text on any screen aloud to the user
  • Improved Internet Tethering – Now users can use Bluetooth to tether to a PC
  • Custom Ringtones for separate contacts and each and every type of notification
  • Finally, Screen rotation lock is here
  • New storage settings make it easier to free up space on your phone and manage temporary files. A new category view shows what’s taking up space at a glance.
  • Users can now close apps on the multitasking screen
  • WiFi during Phone Setup
  • Bluetooth improvements

Nokia is set to announce the launch of the Nokia Lumia 1520 with a 6 inch 1080p display on October 22nd alongside the Nokia Lumia 1320 which is expected to be a 5 inch phablet with similar specification to that of the Nokia Lumia 1520.

The Windows Phone GDR3 has today been released to the developer community and as for the general public, Microsoft has said that it will start rolling out in the coming weeks and will continue over the period of several months.


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